Woman puts condom on her leg to debunk myth that some men are ‘too big’ to wear one

A woman has caused a stir online after calling out men who lie about not being able to ‘fit’ in a condom in order to avoid wearing one, by putting it on her leg to prove that’s not the case

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TikTok user wears condom on her leg to prove men wrong

There’s one line many women will have heard while dating and until now they might have taken it at face value and assumed it was true.

This is that the man can’t wear a condom during sex because they are “too big” for it and so it just “doesn’t fit” them.

But we’re sorry to tell you that if your man has ever said this to you, they probably weren’t being completely honest.

A woman has gone viral on social media after debunking the myth by being filmed putting a condom over her foot and pulling it up her leg, where it reaches over her knee, to her thigh.

She put the condom on her leg to prove size isn’t the issue

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Posted on TikTok by @theel_inloser, who works in an adult store, the clip has since been viewed over 14 million times.

After the clip garnered so much attention, the TikToker told followers that they had conducted the ‘experiment’ with the first unlubricated condom they saw and not a specific brand.

They ended up using Trojan unlubricated condoms.

The average condom size starts at 17 centimetres and according to global data, the average penis size is between 10 and 17 centimetres when erect.

Over 23,000 people have responded to the condom video, sharing their thoughts after the revelation.

One person said: “They just don’t wanna wear one so they lie.”

Another wrote: “The wrong size can go from loose to painful but nowadays with companies like Myone custom condoms and a plethora of standard choices there’s no excuse.”

A third replied: “Only valid excuse I’ve heard is ‘I’m allergic to latex’ which is completely fair.”

Someone else commented: “Tell him you brought magnums and then see how well the other one fits all of a sudden.”

While a different user added: “Thank you for educating little girls because we have all heard this lie.”

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