Woman puzzled after getting anonymous letter written in ‘code’ that she can’t decipher

A social media user has gone viral after sharing a look at an unusual letter their friend was anonymously sent, which they initially thought was some sort of ‘code’

Worried woman reading letter
The woman didn’t know what to do about the letter (stock photo)

We’ve all been sent some unwanted post in our lives – from junk mail to bills we’d rather not have received.

But one woman from Sheffield has recently had a rather surprising letter delivered to her home and it’s left her scratching her head over what it could mean and where it came from.

The woman had the anonymous note posted through her door, and the envelope was covered in what initially looked to be some sort of code.

Snaps of the envelope were shared on social media by a friend of the woman, who asked for help trying to decipher what it might all mean.

Posting on Reddit’s Casual UK forum, they wrote: “Someone I know got sent this through the post, addressed to her house, but no name and she’s more than a bit creeped out. Anyone got any ideas what this is?”

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More than 600 people have responded to the post, with many equally baffled by the letter – and desperate to know more about it.

The images were also shared on the r/codes forum on Reddit and both posts ultimately became a valuable learning opportunity for all.

One person said: “What on earth?! If you ever find out can you update us?”

Another wrote: “Anyone else impressed by the penmanship?”

“Well I’ll be thinking about this for the rest of my life now,” proclaimed a fellow Reddit user.

And it seems the woman wasn’t the only person to get a letter like this, as several similar notes were reportedly sent around the Sheffield area, as a fourth replied: “Are you in Sheffield? Friend of mine who works there showed me they got the same thing to their office. And the police told them lots of addresses around there have been getting them.”

Several users suggested the note could have been written by someone who is unwell, making it random to receive but nothing more sinister for the woman to worry about.

“To me this definitely just looks like an older person, likely with dementia, was writing down words they saw around or brief memories as a habit/comfort thing. There’s more than a few phonetic spellings or misspellings, and the upside-down 5s are just an old style of writing a letter ‘G’,” explained someone else.

A different user added: “Most probable answer is this is someone who is unwell. Frightening to receive, but mostly just sad that someone is unwell enough to write and send this.”

A psychiatrist also agreed in the comments that it looked like the sort of message they’d previously seen their patients write.

They added that if anyone else were to receive a message like this, it was important to report it to the proper authorities as the person who wrote it may be in need of urgent professional assistance.

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