Woman Savages ‘Cheating’ Ex In Facebook Post To Sell Wedding Dress

Over the years Facebook has developed from a place to connect with friends into somewhere where people can vent their problems.

The plethora of statuses that are posted, damning the council, complaining about public transport or slagging off customer service can become tedious, but every once in a while there’s one worth reading.

46-year-old Jane Tarren’s post trying to sell her wedding dress is one of those, as she goes on a sad yet funny tirade about her ex-husband cheating on her.

Jane met Michael in 2013 on Plenty of Fish and they tied the knot last year in May, though it didn’t last too long as she found out her partner was chatting up women while on their honeymoon in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Seeing him doing that set her on edge, and so she checked his phone to see what he was really about. While investigating she found the man she loved, on whom she’d spent £30,000 (£39,481) for the wedding and honeymoon, had been messaging other women. Furthermore, he’d told one of them he was ‘marrying a fat girl’ who he didn’t love.

Eventually the mum-of-two confronted Michael and the truth came out – but when she asked for a divorce, he said if she really wanted it, she’d have to pay.

“I had gone in wearing my heart on my sleeve and I was taken for a complete fool. You learn from your mistakes and it was an expensive lesson,” she said. “I was head over heels in love and it didn’t matter what people said to me.

“I would have walked on fire for that man until now. I don’t hate him. I pity him. In my honest opinion I feel that he needs help but I’m not going to be the person that offers him help.”

Because of the shit storm Jane looked for a way to find a bit of fun and wit, deciding that she’d flog her wedding dress with a humorous Facebook post.

She wrote: “Please help me remove this Sontie wedding dress from my life, it does look stunning on, enough to distract you from the fact you’re marrying a compulsive liar.

“Will fit someone 18-22. The dress is in stunning condition, unlike my marriage…

“All bad luck has been removed as post-separation the dress was cleaned – I know this because after dry cleaning I became happier and more confident, realising what it was like to be treated well in a relationship.

“Cost over £800 ($1,052). I am asking £150 ($197)to cover some cost of the expensive lingerie from Honey Birdett.

“Not getting married? That’s ok!! The dress would look great on many different occasions, it would look great while you’re washing the dishes or standing to catch a train, or even standing in line to do a name change because the name you took on makes you feel nauseous and filled with more regret than a one-night stand you hand back in 2007!!

“Wear it to the pub and people will buy you celebration drinks – even better, fake cry and the sympathy drinks come in from every angle and every guy there who wants to be your rebound!!

“The dress will have paid for itself in one night! So don’t be put off – do come and try this stunning dress and I’ll send you off with a bottle of champers and good luck!!!”

People have appreciated the post, messaging Jane to tell her how great it is. She’s since added that if the dress is sold, which it should be with the great promotion, she’ll donate the money to charity.

Her ex, Michael, was asked for comment on the matter, to which he rather charmingly said: “She is an evil fat bitch. Leave me alone.”

There are plenty of words for people like Michael, and they’re all four letters.

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