Woman shares ‘game-changing’ method to get rid of insects – but it’s messy

A woman online has revealed an effective method of removing insects from the house – and it’s a game commonly used in primary schools

Insects in the home are one of the greatest banes of our existence
Insects in the home are one of the greatest banes of our existence (stock photo)

Having insects rudely intrude into your home is one of the greatest banes of our existence. And not to mention, the incredible difficulty to remove these nuisance creatures outside with ease.

One woman’s video has gone viral online after she shared a free and alternative life hack on how she got rid of a moth that was causing havoc around her home. Sharing the video on TikTok, fellow budding users were quick to compare the hack to a similar method they used as the class clowns in primary school.

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Without context – and without a caption – TikToker Marzhan shared a clip of her wetting a piece of tissue under the tap.

Immediately jumping to the gun, several online users quickly jumped to a conclusion as they thought she was about to throw the tissue onto the “bathroom ceiling”.

However, her insightful trick was much more educating than that as she was indeed using the wet paper towel to target a flying month.

Once the moth had landed on a surface, Marzhan targeted her aim perfectly.

She wetted the paper towel under the tap



And splatted the moth



Taking her shot, she threw the wet tissue, which conveniently splatted the insect against the wardrobe door.

Carefully picking the bug up in the tissue, she proceeded to walk outside to where she would dispose of it or let it free.

Sharing their thoughts, one gushing user wrote: “Genius!”

“This is a game changer,” another added. A third wrote: “My life problems have now been solved.”

Whilst the hack is seen by many as life-changing, several TikTokers have all agreed how the similarity of the hack reminds them of former school years.

One TikToker commented: “Everyone in the UK has been training for this since primary.”

A second penned: “Anybody else expecting them to launch the wet tissue onto the bathroom ceiling? It’s a British school thing.”

“My brain instantly was like ‘throw it at the ceiling’,” a third joked.

A fourth questioned: “Why did I think she was gonna throw it up to the ceiling like they do in school bathrooms?”

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