Woman shares ‘genius’ way to organise shoes and declutter wardrobe floor

Finding a way to keep shoes organised can be a challenge if you don’t keep them in their boxes.

But piling them high in the back of our wardrobe – which many of us are guilty of – is not a solution, it’s a surefire way to decrease their lifespan.

With dozens of pairs of shoes, TikTok user Ash was desperate to find a way to keep them tidy, on display and out of the way – and the trick she came up with is so simple it’s genius.

Ash shared the idea with her followers in a video that was simply captioned: “You’re welcome.”

Shoe organisation hack
No need to pile them up anymore

In the clip that has been viewed more than 350,000 times, she demonstrates how she stores her shoes using towel rails.

The first step is to head down to your local DIY shop and pick up a few wall-mounted towel racks (how many you need will depend on how many pairs of shoes you need to hang).

Then you simply attach them to a wall and slide your shoes into place.

The handy hack not only saves space and allows you to see all of your shoes at once – but you won’t need to rummage around to find a matching set.

Shoe hack
She put it on the side of her wardrobe

Since being posted, the video has racked up almost 30,000 likes from impressed viewers.

One person said: “That’s actually really clever!”

Another person commented: “Omg yes!!! I’ve been needing a solution for AGES! Seriously this is a big-time thank you,” while a third called her a “genius”.

Someone else asked Ash whether the hack would work as well with heels as it does with trainers – and thankfully it does!

She replied saying: “Any heels or heeled boots that I have tried have stayed by putting them in the same way I put the shoes in this video.”

Good to know!

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