Woman Shares People Replacing Tomato With Avocado On Their Plates, Internet Stunned

Woman Shares People Replacing Tomato With Avocado On Their Plates, Internet Stunned

Users are comparing the prices of avocados and tomatoes on social media.

Avocados are quietly making their way into some family kitchens at a time when tomatoes are disappearing from the plates of common citizens due to rising prices.

The drop in avocado costs has coincided with the rise in tomato prices, and some Indians appear to have realised that they can buy a kilogramme of avocados for approximately the same price as a kilogramme of tomatoes.

A social media user recently posted a comparison of avocados and tomatoes sold on an e-commerce platform. In the post, she also included a screenshot of the price.

Social media user subiii shared the post with a caption that reads, “It’s just a time in the economy when making avocado toast for breakfast is cheaper than dosa and tomato chutney.”

As per the post, a single avocado (weighing around 200 grammes) costs as little as Rs 59, while tomatoes cost Rs 222 per kilogramme on the marketplace.

Many social media users reacted to this price comparison, with many being surprised by the low price of avacados.

Meanwhile, tomatoes are currently selling at a rate of more than Rs 200 a kilo, and their prices are likely to touch Rs 300 per kilogramme in the coming days, according to wholesale traders.

“Over the past few weeks, the people of State and UT have been grappling with an unprecedented escalation in the cost of tomatoes, a staple in many households across the state,” according to an official release.

The price surge has been attributed to various factors, including supply chain disruptions, climatic conditions, and other market dynamics, it said.

(With inputs from agencies)

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