Woman shares pizza reheating hack that doesn’t use the oven, microwave, or hob

Food blogger Farwin Simaak recently shared her top tips for reheating pizza and it’s incredible simple, but it uses a kitchen appliance you might not have expected

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A food blogger has shared her favourite way to reheat pizza

A food blogger has shared her top tip for reheating pizza and it’s definitely a new one on us – but it looks like it works pretty well.

Farwin Simaak is the genius behind Love and Other Spices, where she shares recipes that look too good to be true.

Recently she turned her attention to everyone’s favourite food, Pizza, and shared the best way she’s found to reheat cold leftovers.

She said that instead of turning on the oven or putting it in the microwave, you should instead reach for your air fryer – as she swears it gives the bext texture.

Next time you want to reheat a slice of pizza, reach for the air fryer


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Speaking to Insider, Farwin said the best part about using an air fryer is that it doesn’t make the base soggy or take too long to heat up.

She said that you should pre-heat the appliance to 350 degrees, and spray the pizza with a little oil.

Then, add a teaspoon of water to create steam so the pizza doesn’t dry out.

Then put in the slices, and in about four minutes you should have perfectly reheated pizza.

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After reheating your pizza, you might want to give your air fryer a clean – but they can be tricky to scrub.

Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as Mrs Hinch, regularly shares cleaning tips on her social media pages and she’s become something of a cultural icon, racking up over four million followers on Instagram alone.

Her fans are so enrapt that they created a Facebook page in her name where they band together to share their ‘Mrs Hinch’-ish tips – and recently they turned their attention to air fryers, as the Daily Express reports.

One user asked the group if they knew how to clean the tricky kitchen item, and true to form the group soon came up with a brilliant solution.

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