Woman shares tinfoil hack that leaves glasses and silverware ‘sparkling’

A woman has solved the biggest bugbears of the kitchen – dirty items in the dishwasher – with a simple tip that leaves your silverware and glasses ‘sparkling’ every time

The life hack left the kitchenware as good as new (stock photo)
The life hack left the kitchenware as good as new (stock photo)

It’s always a little disheartening when you put the dishwasher on for a cleaning cycle, but open it up to see remnants of last night’s dinner still clinging on. The issue has been one of the biggest bugbears of our kitchens for years and has gone unsolved – until now.

One of the biggest culprits is the glasses and silverware, but savvy Maddy Kate has raked in a whopping 2.9+ million views on popular video-streaming service TikTok with her household life hack to make this issue a thing of the past. In the clip, the TikToker put the popular hack to the test by grabbing some nearby tin foil.

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“I was so sceptical,” Maddy captioned the post on her account.

Admitting that she wasn’t expecting much from the hack, she was undeniably shocked when the kitchenware she pulled out looked fit for Buckingham Palace.

The easy hack simply involves scrunching up a sheet of tin foil into a small and then placing it inside the dishwasher before turning it on as normal.

Although the foil can be placed anywhere, Maddy placed the accessory beside her glassware for optimal results.

TikToker Maddy placed tin foil inside the dishwasher (stock photo)


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Once the dishwasher had finished its cycle, the impressive results showed “sparkling” glasses and silverware alike.

“When you try out the TikTok dishwasher hack not expecting much,” Maddy wrote in her video.

“But that little ball of foil somehow manages to make all of your glassware and silverware come out sparkling.”

Gobsmacked by the results, fellow TikTokers rushed to the comment section to praise the life-changing hack that’ll better their future washes.

“You should be able to recycle the foil. Any foil that stays together when scrunched up is recyclable,” a gushing user wrote.

“We should try this for the new house,” another user penned.

Explaining the process, Maddy wrote: “Apparently the chemicals in the detergent interact with the metal in the foil? Too technical for me, I’m just glad the glass is shiny.”

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