Woman shares what life is like in town where everyone lives in the same building

The town of Whittier in the US state of Alaska is truly unique, earning itself the nickname “the town under one roof”.

Almost the entire population of Whittier live in the same building, known as Begich Towers, which also houses a school, post office, health clinic, police station, market, and a church.

It’s only accessible via boat or a 2.5 mile long tunnel, with one travel blogger claiming that the tunnel closed between 10pm to 5am, meaning no one can enter or leave the town.

TikTok user Livvontheedge shared a video discussing the 14-storey building where the residents live and after racking up close to a million views, it was spotted by someone who says she lives in the building and gave an insight into what it’s really like to call Whittier home.

Begich Towers in Alaska
Begich Towers in Alaska, which houses most of the population

Messy.nessy said she currently lives in Begich Towers, which had been used for military housing during the Cold War, and she posted a series of response videos to say there are 318 people who live in the building year round.

She explained that there is a tunnel in the basement leading to a school across the road and the clip was watched 15 million times as people were desperate to find out more about it.

The resident gave a quick tour to show the corridors, post office, mini-supermarket and how it looks from the outside.

TikTok user messy.nessy
TikTok user Messy.nessy says she has lived there for five years

Answering questions, she said she loves living in “pretty” Whittier, which is only about an hour away from Alaska’s biggest city of Anchorage with shops and amenities, and moved there seven years ago.

She says there are actually two apartment buildings in the town, but other is only small and houses about five per cent of the population, adding there are no singular houses as you can’t buy property or land to build a house in the town.

You can, however, buy flats in one of the two existing buildings.

The tunnel
A 2.5 mile tunnel offers access to and from the town

For employment, she says residents can work on the railroad, the tunnel, the school, the clinic and various other roles in the town, while others choose to commute to Anchorage for work.

The benefits include living in the same building as your best friends and she says “nobody really dates here as we all grew up together and that would be kind of weird”.

People were stunned by her videos, as one commented to say: “The gossip and drama that must go on there.”

A second wrote: “So ya’ll bascially have no excuse to ignore another person, you can’t say ‘I’m not home’ because that’s their home too.”

And another added: “I’m sorry but you’re now legally obligated to make your entire TikTok about your life in this town.”

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