Woman ‘Shunned By Family’ After Falling For Bus Driver 22 Years Her Senior

A woman has been ‘shunned by her family’ after she fell in love with her bus driver – who is 22 years her senior.

The 20-year-old was attracted by Kai’s looks and friendly personality – which to be fair aren’t exactly qualities you come to expect from your bus driver.

Unable to fight her crush, Laura tracked Kai down on Facebook and asked to meet him for a coffee.

The 43-year-old was originally apprehensive about the age gap between the pair, but Laura had no such concerns, and upon meeting they claim to have instantly fallen in love.

Laura fell for her bus driver's looks and personality. Credit: Media Drum World
Laura fell for her bus driver’s looks and personality. Credit: Media Drum World

Kai said: “It was love at first sight. Laura loved my looks and personality right from the start and the same goes for me. We were attracted to each other from the start.”

Laura’s parents were allegedly appalled by the love affair and did not speak to her for a year. But the couple cracked on regardless and moved in together soon after that coffee.

Laura’s mum is now speaking to her once again, but she says both parents refuse to accept Kai and he has no contact with them.

The relationship was put under further strain in April 2017 when Kai suffered a heart attack. In the aftermath, he spent his days in a rehab centre, unable to work, but Laura remained by his side.

The couple have lived together for almost three years. Credit: Media Drum World
The couple have lived together for almost three years. Credit: Media Drum World

She said: “It was terrible because Kai is the love of my life. When Kai had his heart attack, I was with him for every second and I supported him wherever I could.

“I was scared to death that I would lose him and I wouldn’t have been able to handle that so I helped him where I could.”

Kai is now looking forward to moving into a new flat with Laura and says no amount of judgement from the outside world can get in the way of their love.

He said: “There are people who say nothing but give us stupid and contemptuous looks when they see us out and about. There are also people who look the other way and there are the people who smile when they see us.

“Our message to the rest of the world and to the people who criticise us, we have love to give each other and no one in the world is going to stop that.”

All aboard the love bus then. Next stop – Reluctant Parental Acceptance.

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