Woman slammed for kicking out sister and ignoring husband for being cruel to son

A woman decided to kick her sister out of her house, and not allow her husband to be part of their son’s bedtime routine, after he disciplined his son whilst she was in the shower

The woman kicked her sister out and ignored her husband after they disciplined her son (Stock Image)

When you have children, it’s great to get them into some sort of routine, but it’s also important to allow them to be themselves, nurturing their individual personalities and getting a glimpse of what sort of person they’re going to become.

That’s why one woman was left horrified when her sister decided to discipline her son whilst she was in the shower, which led to her husband shouting at him in a ‘loud, angry voice’, which he wouldn’t normally do.

She took to Reddit’s ‘Am I the a**hole’ forum to explain that her sister was going through preparation for divorce, and her husband was helping her sort her finances and restart her career so was round at her house – but she promptly asked her to leave after being allegedly cruel to her son.

The original poster said that her son is not used to his dad raising his voice in such a way (Stock Image)


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She wrote: “My sister is planning to divorce her husband soon and has been asking my husband for help with sorting out her finances and restarting her career so that she can support herself and her children.

“I was having a shower so my husband was watching our son while they talked. My son has a lot of energy and he loves to run around and play, which is what he was doing.

“I assume he was distracting them because my sister told him to stop. According to my husband, he got upset but he didn’t stop and kept running around. After some time had passed my sister was angry and she snapped at him to sit down. Again, he never listened and I walked in as my husband told him that was enough in a loud angry voice. My husband never talks to our son like that so he got scared and started crying.

“My husband did feel bad and tried to comfort him but he wouldn’t let him and came to me. I asked my husband what happened and I was angry at both of them but especially at my husband for speaking to our son the way he did when he was only playing like he normally does.

“I told my sister it was best she leaves even though they hadn’t finished their conversation and they both tried to get me to let her stay. I wouldn’t and she eventually left.

The woman felt the need to ask her sister to leave (Stock Image)


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“Usually, if my husband is free, he’ll put him to bed but because our son was still upset with him I wouldn’t let him help as him being there was only upsetting him more.

“My husband looks forward to putting him to bed so he told me not to be like that but I wouldn’t budge so now he’s mad at me for excluding him. Am I the a**hole?”

The woman may have been shocked at the responses she received, however, as people slammed her for being too harsh.

One wrote: “You’re the a**hole – I think kicking your sister out rather than taking her aside was extreme and a bit of coddling towards your son. How did your sister ask the first time? Is your husband so impressionable that he never yells at your son, but at your sister’s influence, he did? That part seemed odd to me.

“You’re also the a**hole for keeping dad out, essentially controlling a part of their relationship made me uncomfortable just reading it. You stepped on dad’s toes and authority (as dad) and that’s something your son is learning.

“I do agree that yelling at the kid/ talking harshly when he is just being a kid is not okay. But it sounds like you weren’t in the room, so how do you know what their tone was? Or did you base your judgment on your son’s response?”

Another fumed: “They call it the “terrible twos” for a reason. Mom made this more than what it needed to be.”

Others shared their experiences of toddlers crying for no reason, with one woman hilariously remembering: “My son cried once because he wanted the blue cup I gave him the blue cup. Kids are wild!”, followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

What would you have done in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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