Woman ‘so mad’ as she’s left looking ‘like Flappy Bird’ after £500 lip filler

A woman has been left furious after she spent £500 on lip filler but the swelling left her looking ‘like Flappy Bird’, the cartoon character from the viral mobile game

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TikTok user cries over her swollen lips after getting filler

There’s always a risk that comes with getting any cosmetic procedure done, especially when some results can take a few days to settle in before they look their best.

And one woman on TikTok has found out the hard way that sometimes lip fillers don’t always look the way they’re supposed to right away, after she posted a video in which she showed off her swollen pout.

The woman, from the US, confessed she’d spent $650 (£497) on her lip filler treatment, but was left in tears when she left her appointment looking “like Flappy Bird“, the title character from the viral mobile game from 2013.

In her clip, she fought back tears as she said: “If you think you’re having a bad day, I got completely f***ing wrecked by this lip person.

The woman’s lips were swollen



She fought back tears in her video



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“Like, what the f**k did she do? I’m so f***ing mad.”

And in the caption, the woman – who posts on TikTok under the username @giiimarieee1 – wrote: “Laugh now, cry later … $650 to look like flappy bird.”

Several commenters were quick to let the woman know that she was just experiencing “normal swelling” that would go down on its own – but she insisted her lips looked far worse than any other time she’d received fillers in the past.

She said in the comments: “Disclaimer: this is not my first time getting lip fillers … I just have never had such instant swelling previously! I appreciate everyone’s concern.”

The woman also posted a follow-up video a week later in which she showed off what her lips look like now that parts of the swelling have gone down, and said the swelling shocked her because she used a different type of filler than the one she normally has.

She said: “I just want to explain that the video I posted was a Snapchat to my sister when I was crying about it and then I started laughing about it so I thought, why not post it [on TikTok].

“I’m very well aware that people have worse days than being unhappy about how their lip injections came out.

“I have had lip injections in the past, but this time [I used a different kind].”

And commenters on the follow-up video were eager to tell the woman how good her lips look now that the swelling has subsided, while others offered tips to help ease the swelling faster next time.

One person said: “They look great!!!! Mine did the same thing, but I’m well pleased with them now!”

As another wrote: “Next time try icing them immediately after your appointment! It helps with the swelling and bruising.”

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