Woman sparks amusing debate over whether pets should see you naked

A woman has sparked a hilarious debate on Mumsnet about whether pets should see you naked, and while many owners believe it’s completely normal, others think it ‘just feels weird’

Woman and dog bath
Some people’s pets have seen it all

You may have wondered if your dog knows or cares when you’re naked – because after all, they always are.

A woman has triggered a controversial conversation on the topic on Mumsnet, after questioning whether owners let their pets see them in the nude.

User dottypotter said: “I was talking to a friend about sleeping with nothing on in the hot weather. She said she couldn’t do that as the cat would come in the room and see her naked. Made me laugh and think.

“Do you let your dogs and cats etc. see you naked?”

Mumsnet users weighed in on the debate, with many arguing that wearing your birthday suit at home is completely normal, while others disagreeing and labelling it “odd”.

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One person was advised to get naked when they bought their puppy


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One person said: “I do, but I always worry about what they think! Do they think we can take our fur off?”

A second agreed: “Funnily enough I do feel a bit weird when the cat wanders in to my bedroom/bathroom and sees me naked! I realise it’s irrational but it just feels odd.”

A different user said it would feel like “an act of animal cruelty” while another person believed it is “weird”.

Some people questioned why animals would mind when they are completely naked themselves.

One said: “Well I see them naked and they don’t seem to care. The cats stick their butt holes in my face so I think the boundaries are truly broken.”

Another person said: “My pets have seen it all and we all sleep naked. They don’t seem to mind. I don’t remember being able to bath without a furry visitor popping into the bathroom to say hello.”

Others shared their scarring experiences and reasons they no longer undress in front of pets.

A user wrote: “One of our dogs is very enthusiastic around husband when naked so it happens less now.”

Another person has introduced a pants rule after a scarring experience


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A second said: “You have to be careful as they are known for trying to investigate genitals and one of them actually latched onto my nipple when he was younger and I was sleeping topless.”

Another added: “I’d be more concerned about scratches from a cat, however accidental.”

One woman introduced a “we wear pants at all times” rule at home after her pet dog started licking her partner’s bottom.

In contrast, a first-time dog owner said nudity was on the “socialising checklist” when she bought her puppy.

“I thought it was funny but I guess it makes sense. A naked/barely clothed person would probably be quite alarming to a dog if they’d only ever seen clothed people before,” she wrote.

Some people said they’d let their cat see them naked but not their dog, and others believed it was different for women and men too.

An amusing comment read: “It could be worrying if you were to believe in reincarnation. Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria or your least favourite uncle could be watching you through cat-shaped eyes.”

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