Woman sparks debate with plan to charge guests to attend husband’s birthday party

Hosting a party can be an expensive task.

Once you add up the costs of the cake, the decorations, presents and more, you’re left with quite the bill.

But one woman who revealed she’s considering asking her guests to pay to attend a birthday party she’s hosting for her husband has divided opinions.

In an anonymous post on Mumsnet, the woman explained that her husband is approaching a special birthday.

“He has asked me to plan something as a surprise. I have some ideas for activities, but the cost is roughly £35 per person,” she said.

So, she wondering whether it’s reasonable to ask everyone to pay roughly £35 each to be a part of the big day.

Birhtday party
It divided users

“Is it OK to invite people and tell them they have to pay for themselves or should I pay for everyone?” she asked, adding, “I want to invite 10 people.”

But users in the comments were split over the controverisal request.

One person said: “I think it’s fine. Just make sure you tell people so they can budget.”

Another said: “Generally speaking I think it’s better to do what you can afford than asking people to pay (aside from pay bar at a party or something) but only you know your friends.”

“I think it’s completely fine to ask people to pay if it’s an activity etc, I’d be happy with that for a friends birthday, I wouldn’t expect to have a ticket paid for me,” added a third person.

A few people said “it depends” on the circumstances, as one person wrote: “I think it depends. If it’s a party and you want them to cover food and drink that’s a bit off. However, if I received a text from a friend ‘it’s DH’s birthday I thought we could all go paintballing, it will be £35 each’ I wouldn’t think twice about paying.”

But others thought it was “rude” to invite people to celebrate an event, only to expect them to pay for the pleasure.

“You can’t invite people and ask them to pay!!!” commented a user.

The original poster later revealed that she was planning to book an activity for his big day, writing: “I should have been clearer in my title. It is an activity. I’m not thinking of charging entry into my house for a party.”

What do you think? Is it okay to charge guests to attend an event? Let us know in the comments.

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