Woman sues the veterinary clinic for $12,5M after her poodle dies during a sex change operation

A Californian woman filed a record-breaking lawsuit this morning, demanding $12,575,700,000 from the San Francisco Bay Veterinary Hospital after her 4-year old poodle named Fifi died during surgery.

68-year old Martha White says that her precious pet was the most important thing in her life and that she would have done anything to make it happy.

Over the years, she bought a $185,000 dog bed for it, a $225,000 diamond-studded dog collar, and over $1.2 million in other accessories.

Ms. White says despite being constantly spoiled, Fifi remained depressive and unhappy due to gender issues.

“Fifi was clearly a female dog in a male’s body. It would bend down to pee, it loved pink and ribbons… I mean,totally girly!”

Hoping to make her beloved dog happy, she paid more than $325,000 for hormonal treatment and sex reassignment surgery.

“Fifi was like my lone child. No worthy mother could turn her back on her child when it’s in such dire need. I did what I had to do.”

Unfortunately, the 4-year old poodle died during the operation from a problem linked to the anesthesia.

Martha White claims her dog’s death is due to malpractice and negligence from the hospital staff and demands compensation.

The veterinarian in charge of the surgery, Dr. Phil Patterson, denied any wrongdoing, saying that sex reassignment surgeries are delicate and dangerous.

Dr. Patterson, who proceeded to the surgery, says Ms. White had been warned of the risks for her dog’s life before paying for the surgery.

Experts are divided concerning the expected outcome in this case, as the legal contract between the parties is relatively vague.

This unusual lawsuit is expected to begin in early December and should draw a lot of media attention.

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