Woman tells boyfriend to ‘go to hell’ after he had a baby behind her back

The woman confronted her now ex-partner after she saw photos of him celebrating the birth of his secret son at a naming party – people are shocked by the man’s excuses and praised the woman for leaving him

The woman immediately questioned the man over his secret child
The woman immediately questioned the man over his secret child

Of all the qualities we expect in a partner, honesty is arguably one of everyone’s priorities, as trust in a relationship is paramount. Catching someone in the act of lying can be devastating, with some people even finding out that the person they thought they knew has been living a double life. One woman has revealed how she caught her now ex-boyfriend out when her friend sent her photos of him with his secret child on Instagram – and his reaction has left many people shocked.

Taking to TikTok to tell the tale, the woman, who posts under the handle @ meatpiesoverpatties, recounts the ordeal in a humorous way as she looked back on the man’s actions when she found out he’d attended his secret son’s baby naming party.

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Calling her ex Oloshi for the sake of the video, the woman explains: “Oloshi and I had been together for three and a half years at this point. So on this lovely spring day, I had made dinner and asked him to come over.

“In his journey between him leaving his and him coming over, I got a text from my friend that said ‘Isn’t this Oloshi?’

Shocked by her discovery, the woman continued: “I’m looking through the Instagram that she sent me and it’s a picture of my boyfriend, the mother of his daughter, a baby boy, décor, their matching the décor, and there’s a menu on the table that said ‘Baby Smith’, assuming his name is Smith right”.

In another wild twist, the woman confirmed that her ex-boyfriend’s ‘bestie’ even made the décor for the party, as he had his own décor company.

“I’m looking at the picture and the picture is looking at me, and I’m like 1+1 is equalling I’m gonna slap somebody’s face,” she said.

After realising that her boyfriend had a baby son behind her back, the woman decided to grill the man over his actions when he arrived.

“I’ve opened the door and I’ve just gone back into my living room and he’s just like ‘babe, you’re not even gonna say hello, you’re not even gonna kiss me?'”.

The woman eventually confronted the man, asking him where he was on the date of the baby naming party, and he claimed she was asking him ‘stupid questions’ and came up with an excuse around his whereabouts.

“I made him tell the full story, then I said what’s this? [and showed him the photo], and he’s looking at it like I just gave him an algebraic equation”

Stunned by the man’s ability to avoid the point, the woman said: “He goes ‘who sent this to you? why don’t people want us to be happy?'”

“He was like ‘It’s not what you think, I just went to the naming [party] to support [his child’s mother]'”.

The woman then confirmed that the man’s name was on the child’s name certificate, and his excuses were the last straw, as she told him to “go to hell”.

Many people praised the woman in comments on the TikTok video, which has more than 160,000 views on the platform to date.

One person joked “Algebra = him calculating how he bout to lie” while another said “It’s the deflection for me”.

Another wrote: “I SCREAMED when you said his name was on the birth cert”

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