Woman tries on friend’s wedding dress out of ‘boredom’ – now she’s fuming

A woman staying with her friend’s family until the end of the month claims she got “bored” and so decided to try on her pal’s wedding dress with her husband’s permission

Woman trying on wedding dress (Stock Photo)
Her friend is now furious with her (Stock Photo)

It goes without saying you should always double-check with a friend before trying on their clothes, especially when it comes to something as special and sentimental as a wedding dress. Unfortunately for one woman, things have become seriously awkward with a pal after she tried on her wedding gown when she was out, never thinking she’d actually find out.

According to this woman, she is staying with her friend and her family up until the end of the month, and one day ended up getting “bored out of [her] mind.” Itching for something to do, she asked her friend’s husband if she could try on the gown, and he agreed, as long as she kept it a secret. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go to plan.

Her friend’s husband told her to keep it a secret (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, where she goes by the username u/NoAppointment3689, the now mortified friend recalled: “One day I was bored out of my mind and her husband and I got to talking. She wasn’t there. Long story short, with his permission I tried on her wedding dress. He said it was fine as long as I don’t tell her.

“Well, she found out I tried it on. (Don’t know how.) I put everything back and didn’t ruin the dress at all. She was not happy with me, and I still feel she’s upset with me.”

She’s now wondering whether she might have overstepped a boundary, and has reached out to her fellow Reddit users for advice on how to proceed. A number of people agreed she had some serious apologising to do.

One person commented: “This is like trying on someone’s underwear. You just don’t do it unless they themselves tell you it’s okay. Don’t they have video games or something?”

Another said: “It didn’t strike you as weird that the condition was ‘as long as you didn’t tell her’? That’s a clear sign that she wouldn’t be okay with it.

“How did trying on her wedding dress even come up? Was the internet down? All books burned in a purge? You make it sound like there was no option to keep yourself from being bored other than violating your friend’s consent about her wedding dress.”

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