Woman Used Matrimonial Site Not For Groom Hunt, But Salary Research

Woman Used Matrimonial Site Not For Groom Hunt, But Salary Research

This concept appeared to have wowed the internet.

Salary research is an important part of any job hunt, and there are many specialized websites for this like LikendIn, Glassdoor, SalaryExpert, Salary.com, and many more job portals.

But a woman used a matrimonial website to compare the salary structures of different companies, which has nothing to do with job hunting or salary research. However, this offbeat attempt turned out to be fruitful, and the woman’s creative idea is gaining popularity on social media.

According to a LinkedIn post, a woman uses Jeevansathi.com to compare earnings at various organisations and locate well-paying employment rather than to find a partner.

A LinkedIn user named Ashveen Bansal shared the impressive story and wrote, “So a friend told me she is using #jeevansathi.com to see compensation of different companies through people’s profiles and then applying there.”

Online users took notice of the post right away, as seen by the nearly 40,000 likes it received. While many praised the woman for making a wise decision, others voiced their desire to adopt the idea. But, some people also thought it was strange and had conflicting feelings about it.

“One of the best ideas is to figure out your salary before joining a company. Ashveen Bansal, your friend is a gem! Never lose her,” commented a user.

“We were aware that people were dating on Facebook and other social media platforms. Now that this is a new use of matrimonial sites, this could actually be a very good data point if they had not put in fake salaries to look good in the marriage market,” wrote another user.

Addressing the several negative comments, a third user wrote, “I don’t know why many people here in the comments section are spreading hatred against a good idea. She may have used it to find compensation, indicating that she is thinking outside the box. Not that her character is bad or something. Come on, people, if you can’t come up with out-of-the-box thinking, don’t spread hatred. Who told you you couldn’t use a free app for data search? Or if you feel it is a crime, you should first stop using Google, which is stealing data from all your personal social accounts. Think big, not narrow,”.

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