Woman warned plane hack should be ‘criminal activity’ as she flouts social norms

A plane passenger posted a video on social media to shame a woman for climbing over the passengers to get to her window seat and led to a fiery discussion on travel etiquette

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Plane passenger climbs over people to get to her seat

A woman has been warned that her unusual way of getting around on a plane should be illegal – as others brand it a ‘criminal activity’.

The woman was filmed by another passenger, Twitter user Brandon, who was shocked by her behaviour, and explained that she had a window seat and had to get up several times during the flight.

But instead of asking the other people sat on her row to move, she simply stood on her chair and stepped over all of them – and she did it not once, but several times, as the Daily Star reports.

Brandon, who shared his footage online, described the woman’s behaviour as “the most criminal activity I’ve ever seen”, and soon people began commenting on the clip.

A plane passenger has warned her behaviour should be illegal


Twitter/ In_Jedi)

She stood on the seat and walked over her passengers


Twitter/ In_Jedi)

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On Twitter, Brandon wrote: “The most criminal activity I’ve ever seen on an airplane. This woman was hopping over other passengers the whole seven-hour flight.”

In the 19-second video, the woman, dressed in what seem to be pyjama bottoms, a short-sleeved top and a pair of socks, stands in the aisle as she asks a passenger if she could pass from their row.

She steps on the armrest and holds onto the headrests as she steps over three passengers and crosses over to the other side of the plane.

Then she gets back to her seat by the window.

Some viewers agreed with Brandon and called it a “big no”.

A viewer wrote: “Wait. She couldn’t walk around? Where are the flight attendants? No one told her NO!? Oh hell no.”

A second joked that it’s the perfect timing for a turbulence to kick in.

One was bothered by the woman’s outfit, saying: “Nobody’s going to talk about those filthy socks and the fact that she’s flying in pajamas?”

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Others teased Brandon for “not flying much” as they shared some of the “disgusting” things they have seen on a plane.

“If that’s the ‘most’ criminal activity you’ve seen on a flight, you obviously haven’t flown much,” a Twitter user commented.

“Just be thankful there wasn’t a ‘Karen’ onboard, or some snot factory sitting next to you or kicking your seat. Better luck on your return flight.”

Another added: “You’ve quite obviously never flown long haul. If you fly business class the airline often provides pyjamas and socks.”

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