Woman’s fury as boyfriend is too ’embarrassed’ by her fashion sense to be seen with her

A woman was left furious after her boyfriend said she was ’embarrassing’ him by dressing like a Tim Burton character – as he refused to be seen in public with her

Frustrated couple after an argument
The woman was fuming at her boyfriend’s rude response (stock photo)

Changing up our clothes and wearing things that make us happy is one of the main ways we can show off our personalities and sense of individuality to the rest of the world.

And as long as you feel good in the clothes you wear, who cares what anyone else has to say, right?

Well for one woman on Reddit, her boyfriend had plenty to comment on when she decided to throw on an outfit that didn’t meet his idea of “normal” – and the woman was left baffled by his outburst.

Sharing her story anonymously, she explained she had decided to wear a purple dress, stripey leggings, and Doc Marten boots during their trip to the shops, and her boyfriend was fuming with her fashion choice.

He claimed he was ’embarrassed’ to be seen with her (stock photo)


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According to the woman, her partner claimed he was “embarrassed” to be seen with her, and compared her to a character from a Tim Burton film, who is known for gothic style.

She wrote: “So I’m a girl. I love to dress up on my days off because I work full time and I just personally find it fun.

“One day, I wore a loose, thick, purple, sweater dress with a pumpkin on it, striped white and black leggings, some Doc Marten boots and a black bow in my hair, to go out for errands. I have curly hair with bangs.

“My boyfriend remarked I looked like a Tim Burton character and side-eyed me. He was making comments on being embarrassed to go out with me the whole day.

“He told me to please not go out like that again, and that I was being embarrassing.

“So much so he didn’t want to go to a store where people would recognize us. I felt bad and he got a bit upset with me and my ensemble. We live somewhere where everyone wears shorts and tank tops, so it’s definitely sticking out a bit.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were equally baffled by her boyfriend’s actions, as they insisted there was nothing wrong with the outfit she wore.

One person said: “Ditch the boyfriend. There are plenty of dudes out there that would be over the moon if their girlfriend dressed like a Tim burton character on their day off. Find someone who builds you up rather than tearing you down.”

While another added: “Get a boyfriend who accepts and values you for who you are. There’s nothing wrong with how you dress, you’re expressing who you are. Generic is boring!”

“I wish I had that type of creativity and fashion sense. You rock on”, a third wrote.

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