Wuhan: 140 cases of coronavirus reported after restaurant served clients ‘bat penis soup’

Chinese authorities have shut down a Wuhan restaurant that is the possible source of contamination of over 140 people reports the Wuhan Herald this week.

Wuhan health authorities had specifically banned the sale of the popular soup that is believed to “bring longevity, cure many diseases such as syphilis and bad breath and remove warts on the genitals” one official explained.

Bat penis soup, a Wuhan region specialty and delicacy sought out all over the country for millennia, has been consumed for generations until health authorities last year deemed it could potentially be a vector for the coronavirus.

“Bat penis soup very magnificent prolific libido make teeth shine and give eternal life free of money problems,” one can read in English on a sign above the controversial restaurant.

According to the official Communist Party of China website, bat penis soup offers a number of health benefits and is referred to as Mao Tse-Tung’s “favorite childhood dish” as well as being described as an appropriate plate for “building strong bones and vigorous patriotism”.

“My wife could not have children but she drink bat penis soup and later have four daughters that we drown in the river until she give birth to our beautiful son,” one Wuhan man said visibly grateful for the alleged infertility remedy.

Tourists from all over China usually travel each year to the region to indulge in the local delicacy until the ban was put in place last year.

The Wuhan restaurant at the origin of the latest epidemic was also awarded a Woo Nang prize in 2018, comparable to a triple Michelin star.

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