You and 5 friends can rent a private island in Florida for a week for about $50 a night

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It’s about that time to start planning your holiday vacations and you’re not going to want to miss this incredible opportunity. is currently offering to a group of six people to rent a private island for a week that’s only $50 a night. Located just off of mainland Florida, East Sister Rock Island that has a secret villa that travelers can rent.

Life with social distancing, new safety precautions, and obsessing over the news has made us all constant balls of stress. 2020 has been a very difficult year to say the least. Wouldn’t you say that it’s about time you and your friends got a way for a little bit for Thanksgiving?

Is Renting This Private Island A Dream Come True?

It all seems a little surreal to rent a private island, doesn’t it? To give you some idea about this deal, the property usually costs $9,500 and up to rent for a week. is offering a deal that knocks the price to $2,000 (plus tax) for one group of six. The significantly dropped price in rent essentially means your group will only pay about $50 a night each. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on this exclusive trip.

Super mega deals like this do not come very often. Let alone deals that offer private islands in a tropical setting for the holidays. There are some other deals going on right now due to the pandemic, but nothing like this one. You’re really going to want to take the time to talk with your friends about renting this private island. There may not be another awesome vacation deal like this one for a while. (1)

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What’s The Deal?

Renting the private island entails a week-long trip from Nov. 14th to the 21st. It’s a first come first serve basis and the deal was first offered up on Tuesday Oct. 27th on website. The selected guests can expect the following to be available on the island: 3-bed, 2-bath, 5,000-square-foot vacation home with a veranda, kayaks, paddleboards, a boat dock and helicopter launch pad. (1)

Not too mention that nobody needs to worry about what Thanksgiving dinner is going to look like. Renting this private island comes with an awesome package deal. A one-night private chef who will come cook the ultimate Friendsgiving feast. Nobody has to stop drinking, eating, or being thankful for a single moment!

Renting This Private Island Comes With A Lot

Renting this private island comes with the perfect vacation home. As you can see from the pictures from the overall theme of the home is meant to be tropical. Adorned with seashells, seahorses, fish, dolphins and palm trees to remind you that you’re on vacation.

The vacation home portion of the island has everything you will need to enjoy your stay. The kitchen comes with all utensils to cook as well as eat. The dining room has a massive table for you and your friends to sit at while you feast. The bedrooms, as well as the rest of the house, has wide-open windows that give beautiful scenery all around. The living room is gigantic and has more than enough seating for the guests that arrive. (1)

On The Outside

The vacation home isn’t the only thing on the private island you’re going to want to explore. Renting this private island also comes with a pool on the deck out back that has a beautiful overlook of the surrounding ocean water. You’ll also have access to all of the paddleboards, kayaks, and boat dock. You’ll notice a circular barrier of rocks that surrounds the island which are meant to prevent erosion as well as high tides from damaging the property. There’s also hammocks and lawn chairs for sun tanning as well as lounging. (1)

During the day, you’ll be able to play in the sun and water to your heart’s content. When it gets a little dark outside, you can relax with your friends as you watch the sun go down behind the ocean. Chairs are set up conveniently for sightseeing and cuddling as you look out over the deep blue horizon together. If you start to get cold from the chilly temperatures at night, there’s also a big fireplace inside to warm up by.

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In The Surrounding Area

Of course, there may be moments where the private island might get a little dull even with all of the luxurious amenities. Luckily, the private island is only a 10-minute walk away from Sombrero Beach on the mainland. Some of the other popular landmarks may require some traveling if the guests so desire. (1)

Guests that rent the private island will also have access to the Crane Point Museum and Nature Center which is about a 40 minute walk from the island. If you’re really wanting something exciting to do, you can go to Island Hopper Aerial Adventures that will give you a tour of the Keys by helicopter. (2,3)

You better hurry and start messaging your friends. Who knows how long this deal is going to last!

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