You’re a Genius If You Can Find The Cat Hiding In This Painting

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Cats are elusive creatures. They can find places to curl up into where you wouldn’t find them for days if they didn’t want you to. Sometimes, however, they can even hide right out in plain sight. If you can find the cat in this picture, then you’ve got eyes sharper than most.

Find the Cat in This Picture

Chiquinho the cat’s owner Alexandra Riberio is a proud cat owner. She often shares pictures of Chiquinho and her antics. This latest picture, however, has got people very confused. Why? Because it doesn’t appear that Chiquinho is in the photo at all. (1)

Can you find the cat hidden in this picture?

Image Credit: Inner Strength Zone

Extra Help

If you have looked and looked and looked and you still can’t find the cat in the photo, don’t feel bad – she is camouflage quite well. In the photo below, we’ve pointed out where she is “hiding”, because in reality, she’s not hiding at all.

Image Credit: Inner Strength Zone

Other Fun Eye Tests

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