Zomato Says It ‘Can’t See’ Who Is Following Them, Post Has A Connection To John Cena

Zomato Says It 'Can't See' Who Is Following Them, Post Has A Connection To John Cena

Zomato is known for its witty tweets.

Online food delivery platform in a recent tweet stated that they have found a bug on Twitter. They are the new entrants in the list of users flagging problems with the microblogging’s platform code. However, it is to be noted that Zomato is known for its witty tweets and this post is also on the same lines. 

WWE star John Cena began to follow Zomato on Twitter and the food delivery service couldn’t help but make fun of the wrestler’s catchphrase. His famous phrase, “You can’t see me,” was originally intended as a joke about John Cena being too fast for his opponents to see. However, the celebrity’s catchphrase became so viral that the internet was flooded with memes and reels about the same. 

So when Mr Cena started following Zomato on Twitter, they could not help but post a humorous tweet about the same. Sharing a screenshot of the same, the food delivery company said, “hey @elonmusk spotted a bug. got this notification but can’t see who is now following us.”

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 33,000 views and 566 likes.

“John cena is looking for Chhola bhature,” said a user. 

“It’s gonna be a tough one, even for those twitter engineers cuz I’m pretty sure they can’t cure the bug if they can’t see it,” said another user.

A third person added, “Haha, nice move (marketing) at the moment.”

“Just like we cannot see discount after delivery fee is added,” remarked another user. 

“Hey @zomato spotted a bug. Got a 50% discount coupon but my final cart value cost increased by 100%,” added a person.

An internet user remarked, “Just like we cannot see all the hidden charges that mysteriously appear at the end of a zomato order…”

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