7 Freak Injuries and Deaths (That Happened During Sex)

  • Remember to always practice safe sex, in every possible way.

Practicing safe sex is important. But sometimes, it seems that merely putting on a condom or taking the pill isn’t enough.

In addition to contraceptives, you might want to remember to don a helmet, a full body armor, and get life insurance. Otherwise, you may end up like these unfortunate people.

Here are 7 bizarre accidents — some of them fatal — that happened during the tender act of love.

1. Broke His Finger While Removing a Bra

A million jokes have been made at the expense of guys who fumbled about while trying to open a bra. But this case shows just how serious every teenage boy’s nightmare can be.

A British hand surgeon received a 27-year-old patient with a broken middle finger. When he asked the poor man how he sustained the injury, he confessed it was due to a stubborn bra.

The man had spent a self-admitted “convivial and alcoholic” evening with a lovely lady. But in the drunken haze, the man had some problems opening the hooks on her bra.

His middle finger got caught between the bra straps. As the woman turned, she managed to twist and snap the guy’s finger.

Ladies, if he’s taking a while to unbuckle the goods, just give him a helping hand. We promise a broken pride hurts him less than a broken finger.

2. Electrocuted by Nipple Clamps

In 2008, police officers and paramedics arrived at the home of Kirsten Taylor, 29, in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, they were too late. She had died from an electric shock.

Her husband Toby initially told the cops that her hair dryer had electrocuted her. Later, though, he confessed that the death was due to electrified nipple clamps.

The couple liked to put the “freak” into “getting your freak on” and were into a multitude of kinky acts. One of them involved Mr. Taylor shocking his wife with metal nipple clamps hooked to a power strip.

They had been engaged in electrified sex for two years, so they thought they knew how to keep it safe. But electricity can be a harsh mistress and one of the shocks ended up stopping Mrs. Taylor’s heart.

3. Fell to Their Deaths

Brent Tyler and Chelsea Tumbleston were a pair of college lovers at the University of South Carolina. In 2007, a taxi driver found their naked lifeless bodies on the street in the wee hours of the morning.

The cops discovered the couple’s clothes on the roof of an adjacent building. With the help of an eyewitness account from a homeless person, they pieced together the tragic story.

Tyler and Tumbleston had climbed to the roof of the building for some sneaky sex. Unfortunately, they chose the spot poorly — the pyramid-shaped roof was steeply sloped and slippery from recent rain.

During their lovemaking, the couple suddenly slid down the roof. With nothing to grab on to, they tumbled 50 feet down to the street below.

4. Went Blind in One Eye

They say love is blind. It can also leave you blind, as it did with a 29-year-old British man.

He had been having what the doctors described as “vigorous intercourse” with his partner and had a particularly intense orgasm. He then fell asleep — and woke up without sight in his left eye.

During an examination, the doctors discovered that pressure had built up in the man’s eye during his orgasm. The pressure ruptured a blood vessel and the resulting hemorrhage ruined the eye.

5. Had a Stroke from a Hickey

Hickeys are a staple of teenagers’ sexual experiments. But in the case of a Mexican teen, they turned fatal.

In 2016, Julio Gonzalez received a rather powerful hickey from his girlfriend. Some time later, the 17-year-old began to convulse at the dinner table — and dropped dead.

During his autopsy, the doctors discovered a blood clot in his brain that caused Gonzalez to have a stroke. They believe the suction from his girlfriend’s love bite caused a tiny clot that traveled to Gonzalez’ brain with tragic results.

6. Couldn’t Pull Out

In 2014, an Italian couple was on a vacation on a beach in Porto San Giorgio, central Italy. The romantic Mediterranean environment got them in the mood, so they waded into the sea for a little clandestine romp.

After the act, though, they noticed that he couldn’t pull out of her. The man’s penis was hopelessly stuck in his partner’s vagina.

The panicking couple managed to catch the attention of a passing woman, who called a doctor. Unfortunately, the medical professional couldn’t separate the couple and they had to go to a hospital until doctors could pry them apart.

Talk about an inseparable couple.

Fun fact, this condition is known as “penis captivus.” It’s caused by a woman’s pelvic muscles not relaxing after an orgasm, trapping the penis inside.

7. Overdosed on Viagra During a Threesome

In 2009, a 29-year-old Russian man scored what must’ve felt like a jackpot of his dream. Two attractive women bet mechanic Sergey Tuganov $4,300 dollars that he wouldn’t be able to have sex with them for 12 hours straight.

Perhaps he couldn’t, but Tuganov was certainly willing to try. He downed a bottle of Viagra and jumped into bed with a steamy ménage à trois.

Fast-forward 12 hours and Tuganov climbed out of bed victorious. He’d done the deed — over and over again, we assume — and earned a respectable lump of cash.

And then he dropped to the floor from a fatal heart attack. But at least he bid this world farewell as a happy man.

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