Anand Mahindra Says He Is “Embarrassed” Not Knowing About This ”Inspiring” Man, Shares Video

Anand Mahindra Says He Is 'Embarrassed' Not Knowing About This ''Inspiring'' Man, Shares Video

Mr. Bhatia started ‘Sunrise Candles’ 28 years ago in Mahabaleshwar

Industrialist Anand Mahindra, who is quite active on Twitter regularly posts about trending topics and engaging stories, for his 10.7 million followers. He also shares inspiring stories of people who have achieved great success in their respective fields. On Wednesday, he shared a video about Bhavesh Bhatia, a visually impaired entrepreneur, who is also the founder of Sunrise Candles.

Mr. Mahindra said he was ”embarrassed” that he had not heard about him until he came across a clip by Rajiv Talreja, a business coach.

”Toh kya Hua ki tum duniya nahin dekh sakte.  Kuch aisa karo ki duniya tumhe dekhe.” (So what if we can’t see the world, do something that the world sees you) This has to be one of the most inspiring messages I have ever encountered. I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t heard about Bhavesh until this clip dropped into my inbox. His start-up has the power to motivate entrepreneurship more powerfully than a zillion unicorns… Keep Rising, Bhavesh,” the video was captioned.

Watch the video here:

In the clip, Rajiv Talreja, describes the journey of Bhavesh Bhatia and the accomplishments that he achieved, despite being visually impaired. 

Notably, Mr. Bhatia started ‘Sunrise Candles’ 28 years ago in Mahabaleshwar on a handcart. However, today, he has built a business that does Rs 350 crores per annum turnover, through which he provides income generation and employment to 9,700 blind people. 

The post has been flooded with heartwarming comments from netizens who were left inspired by the man’s determination, resilience, and grit.

One user wrote, ”Absolutely moved by the profound message!  Bhavesh’s journey is a testament to his strength of determination and innovation. His start-up embodies the true spirit of entrepreneurship, inspiring countless others to chase their dreams. Keep soaring, Bhavesh!”

Another commented, ”Bhavesh sir, not only inspire all of us, he must be the Icon of our new generation, Inspiration of the whole nation. I feel like crying when feel about such a great initiative of a blind gentleman like Dr.Bhasesh ji and realize that we can do anything if we really strive to do.”

A third said, ”Highly motivating. He not only overcome his limitations and is providing employment to visually impaired people and doing a great service to them.”

A fourth added, ”What an inspiring and amazing person he is. Unbelievable. We have all the organs working extremely fine, but failing to achieve something good. Maybe because we have a goal without our sincere efforts or may be afraid & forecasting that or this may not work. So many of us fail.”

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