Artist Shares AI-Generated Party Pics, Internet Says “Thankfully These Scary People Don’t Exist”

Artist Shares AI-Generated Party Pics, Internet Says 'Thankfully These Scary People Don't Exist'

The Twitter post has garnered more than 15,000 likes and nearly 30 million views.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) trend has taken over social media platforms and has become the latest viral craze. Now, hopping on the trend, Twitter user Miles shared some visuals generated by AI platform Midjourney, which showed normal yet eerie pictures of people, who obviously do not exist, attending a house party. 

“Midjourney is getting crazy powerful-none of these are real photos, and none of the people in them exist,” Miles wrote in the caption of his post. 

Take a look below: 

The images appear to depict fun, candid moments at a house party. It shows realistic-looking faces of people and at first, the pictures also seem legit. However, on a closer look, one can find missing and insensible body parts of the party-goers who don’t exist in the real world. 

In one of the pictures, which shows two young women posing for a photo with a digital camera, the woman taking the snap has what looks like a deformed hand. Another image of two women holding what appears to be a polaroid camera shows even more fingers growing out of the photographer’s hand. Many of the people in the collection of pictures also have too many teeth in their mounts, and one had a missing fingertip on her thumb. 

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In the same Twitter thread, Miles even shared another set of his AI-generated pictures, this time all males. In the caption of the post, he revealed that one has to be very specific when trying to build male AI-generated figures. 

“I had to be specific in order to get male-looking AI people-and even then, variation is a challenge. It definitely defaults to white people when you ask for ‘people,'” he wrote. 

The pictures of the male party-goers also featured the same problem with the number of fingers. In one picture, one man’s hand who was holding a red cup had his hand completely detached from his body. 

Miles shared the post on Friday, and since then it has garnered more than 15,000 likes and nearly 30 million views. 

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“Pretty soon, the only way to tell will be to count the fingers. 5 and it’s real, 6 it’s questionable, 7 and it’s definitely AI-generated,” wrote one user in the comment section. “More ways to create unrealistic body types, and make women feel pressure to conform,” said another. 

A third user commented, “Well it’s too bad that AI image Generators do not, in fact, create art, and will never be a replacement for a real person,” while a fourth jokingly added, “With all those fingers and teeth, we should be thankful these scary people do not exist.” 

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