Bengaluru Auto Driver’s Clever QR Code Hack Impresses Internet. See Pic

Bengaluru Auto Driver's Clever QR Code Hack Impresses Internet. See Pic

The tweet has accumulated more than 356,000 views and over 7,400 likes.

In yet another “peak Bengaluru” moment, an auto driver has become an internet sensation for a simple but ingenious hack. Taking to microblogging site X (formerly known as Twitter), user @_waabi_saabi_ shared how she came across an auto driver in the IT city who ingeniously integrated a QR code as his smartwatch’s screensaver. She shared a picture of the driver accepting payment through the code displayed on his watch and called the man “Tony Stark” from the movie ‘Iron Man’. 

“Today I met namma Tony Stark in @nammayatri. Asked my auto driver for the QR code. Man flipped his hand and showed me his smartwatch. Turns out he’s saved the QR code as his smartwatch screensaver. So much swag,” the user tweeted. 

Take a look below: 

Since being shared, the image has sparked a flurry of comments on social media. While some users expressed their admiration for the auto driver’s clever hack, others shared their own tales of similar encounters. 

“I absolutely love hearing and telling these little observations that I have only experienced in bangalore,” wrote one user. “That’s why it’s called the Silicon Valley of India. There must be something unique,” said another. 

A third user from Mumbai shared an incident involving an autorickshaw driver whose phone’s wallpaper was a QR code. “This auto-rickshaw driver in #Mumbai made his #UPI-QR his wallpaper avoiding the waste of time in unlocking the phone, then the App and pulling up the QR every time one of his riders want pay online. FYI: he is an old guy who prefers payments in cash and doesn’t want to have his rickshaw laden with QR Stickers & Advertisements,” the comment read. 

“Auto drivers in Bangalore have more swag than Bangalore boys,” jokingly wrote another user. 

Shared on Tuesday, the tweet has accumulated more than 356,000 views and over 7,400 likes. 

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Meanwhile, this incident just adds to the list of unique encounters that people have had in Bengaluru. Earlier this month, a woman shared her peak Bengaluru moment. Taking to X, she narrated her encounter with an auto driver who gave her an ultimatum about waiting time.

Apparently, the woman booked the ride through Uber but couldn’t reach the pick-up location on time. The auto driver reached out to her through the messaging service of the application. He pinged, “I’ve arrived.” The driver nudged again, “I’ve arrived.” When the customer failed to connect, the driver wrote, “Time is over.”

This hilarious incident prompted a barrage of hilarious reactions on the internet.

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