Bra expert shares how often you should replace them – it’s more regularly than you think


A bra fitting expert has shared shocking insight into how long your bras should last and it’s surprisingly short – but there are simple tips to improve its longevity

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Pour Moi’s Lingerie Technologist Lois Siciliano shared how often bras should be binned (Image: Pour Moi)

Are you one of the many people who continue to wear the same bra you’ve owned for over a decade? This is probably a good sign that it’s time to throw that bad boy in the bin and venture into the world of lingerie.

Knowing that some of us wear our bras for longer than we like to admit, a bra fitting expert at luxury lingerie brand Pour Moi has shared her expertise on how long your bra should last – and the simple tips to improve its longevity. And let’s just say, the truth makes our common habit feel a little gross.

Speaking to the Mirror, Lingerie Technologist Lois Siciliano set the record straight with the shocking truth.

She claims that bras should last no longer than twelve months and can be ditched as soon as nine – and there’s a valid reason for it.

Lois explained: “We recommend replacing your bra every nine to twelve months, and as bodies change regularly you definitely shouldn’t be wearing a bra from the previous decade.”

Thankfully though, the technologist shared crucial information on how you can make your underwear last a little longer – and it won’t cost you a penny extra.

She continued: “The best way to make your bra last longer is by looking after it properly, which can be done by handwashing – this really is the best way to wash bras and is the only fail-safe and environmentally friendly option.

“By excessively washing at high-temperatures or on a non-delicate cycle, the elastic fibres over time will stretch, shortening the lifespan of your bra.

“We recommend that you wash all your lingerie and swimwear by hand, to keep the original fit and support for much longer.

“But it’s particularly vital to hand-wash any garments that contain a wire, because not only will you reduce the lifespan of the bra, you could also possibly damage the washing machine if the wire comes out.

“Hand-washing your bra can be even quicker than using a machine. No, really!”

While Lois urges us all to chuck out old underwear, we undoubtedly want to make sure that we’re wearing the best bra suitable.

She claims that people’s main mistakes when buying bras lie with wearing the wrong band size, choosing the wrong cup size, and even overall fitting issues.

She explained: “It’s important to buy a bra with the correct band size. A lot of women make this mistake and purchase sizes that are too big for them. If the band size of the bra is much bigger then it will not support your breast properly or give the lift required.

“Most women purchase bras with the wrong cup sizes. You need to buy a bra with a cup size that fits all breast tissue, avoiding any overspill or gaping on the sides.

“It’s important to check your bra fitting every six months. Our body constantly changes and for this reason you need to ensure you are wearing a correctly fitted bra. Especially for those who may be buying bras after pregnancy or weight changes.”

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