Bride shares ‘genius’ wedding photography tip – but everyone needs a camera

A newlywed has shared a photography tip that she says worked wonders at her wedding – but be warned, it involves handing out cameras to most of the wedding party

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TikToker shares tip for wedding photography

It is no surprise that happy couples often want to capture their wedding day in as much detail as possible, and guests are all too happy to indulge them. Well, one bride may have gone further than most as she handed out cameras to most of the wedding party.

But what sounds like a big ask has been praised as a “genius” advice after the bride took to TikTok to share her tip, plus explain how it works. And the DIY approach she took, to take photos different to those taken by her professional photographer, produced beautiful results, as illustrated in her video.

The newlywed shared the tip she used at her own wedding



To capture beautiful pictures



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Posting as @hannahgtown, newlywed Hannah Townsend revealed her “number one wedding tip”.

She added that she has not seen any other couples use the trick, even though it worked “so well”.

Explaining the photography hack, Hannah said: “So, we had disposable cameras, but instead of leaving them on the wedding breakfast tables, I gave one to each of my bridesmaids and one to one of the groomsmen.

“And each of them were given a job of a specific thing to take photos of. I put little stickers on the back so everyone could remember what they were taking photos of – so like cake cutting, the party, the wedding breakfast room, the professional photos.”

Hannah added: “So, when the professional photographer was there, one of my bridesmaids was behind also taking the photos on film.

“And they just turned out so well. I’ve been to so many weddings where the cameras just get left, and they are super expensive, so it is nice to see them used to their full potential.”

Hannah used disposable cameras to capture her wedding



By handing out the cameras to her bridesmaids



The newlywed then shared a selection of snaps from her big day, which turned out “perfect”, according to impressed viewers.

She also posted a second video explaining the instructions she gave to her bridesmaids for fellow brides hoping to use the trick.

“I split the day up into portions, so each bridesmaid only had a small section of the day to take photos,” Hannah explained.

“Also, I picked people who would be up for doing this. I didn’t force anyone to take photos for the day,” she added.

Breaking down the assignments, she shared a list of the events she asked the photographers to capture, with each being allocated one of the following:

1. Getting ready, bride, wedding cars.

2. Flowers, confetti shot, bride and groom professional photos

3. Groomsman professional photos, family professional photos

4. Groomsman, groom, bridesmaid professional pics

5. Wedding breakfast room, menus, tables, speeches

6. Cake cutting, first dance, evening party

And people loved Hannah’s photography tip.

One person commented: “This is so clever I’m defo doing this!!”

“This is so genius, and the photos look gorgeous,” another said.

“The photos are perfect,” a different commenter agreed.

While a photographer wrote: “I LOVE this!! as a wedding photog- when I see disposables, I go crazy with them! but having them all day instead of just at reception is perfect!!”

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