Children leave neighbour warning note after spotting ‘strange man’ in her house

A group of youngsters cleverly devised a plan to warn their neighbour after they spotted a stranger walking into her home – and to help check the adult was safe and well

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The kids spotted a ‘strange man’ in their neighbourhood (stock photo)

A group of children have been praised for their ‘touching’ efforts after they sent their neighbour a note when they spotted a ‘strange man’ enter her home.

The youngsters, from Texas, US, were playing in the local area when they grew concerned about the stranger they saw going into a neighbour’s home.

Keen to help, the quick-thinking kids sent her a handwritten note asking her to text one of their parents and confirm she was safe, as Newsweek reports.

Thankfully, the children need not have been concerned as the man was their neighbour’s ex-husband, who had volunteered to help out with some handy work around the house.

The children thought something was wrong (stock photo)


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But people were nonetheless impressed by the kids’ bravery and good intentions. Their efforts came to light after the homeowner’s daughter shared a photo of the letter to Reddit.

“My mom has a lot of kids on her street and they put this note on her door after seeing my dad go into her house,” she explained.

The letter read: “Ms. Karren we saw a strange man walk in your house, and we would like to know if you are ok. If you are then text my mom. Love the gang.”

Talking to Newsweek, the homeowner, Karen Holt, explained her ex frequently helps out at her home, though he normally uses the back door. However, on this occasion he used the front door – and it is was then he was spotted by a group of local kids, ranging in age from around six to eleven.

‘Touched by their concern’, the homeowner thanked the kids and responded to one of their parents to let them know everything was okay, much to delight of the mum, who had spotted her daughter rushing around.

Explaining the group’s actions, Susie, one of the kids involved, said: “We knocked on the door but no one answered so we got worried.” She added: “Then we taped the note on the door and knocked again and she answered.”

Bravo to Susie and her friends. We’re glad to hear the story’s happy ending.

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