Country Duo Dan and Shay Clashing With Reba McEntire on ‘The Voice’: ‘They Got Her Outnumbered’

Warfare is roiling the set of The Voice as upstart coaches Dan + Shay try to dethrone Queen of Country Reba McEntire, sources exclusively tell Life & Style.

Although she welcomed the country duo, Reba’s now seeing red, and spies say she’s ready to put the “Road Trippin’” singers on the first bus back to Nashville.

The first shot was fired at blind auditions during the second episode of season 25, when Reba, 68, used her one block of the season to stop Dan + Shay from claiming contestant Donny Van Slee for their team.

After the block, Dan Smyers, 36, and Shay Mooney, 32, who are joint coaches, were furious. “I mean Reba blocked us, the new guys,” Shay fumed. “How rude. I thought she was a sweet lady.”

Shay then warned The Voice veteran, “You started the battle. So guess what, buckle up, Reba. We’re coming for you.”

The duo didn’t wait long to exact revenge. They blocked Reba minutes later, after she was the first to turn around in her chair for the very next act, Karen Waldrup. Shay shrieked, “Vengeance is sweet!”

Dan rubbed it in, saying, “Man, blocked the Queen of Country Music. Put that one on the résumé,” as Reba stewed.

The clashes led fellow coach John Legend to comment, “I think we have a little war starting.”

An insider exclusively tells Life & Style, The Voice honchos were hesitant about having two country acts as coaches, but they’re now rubbing their hands with delight as the melee is making for must watch TV.

“Dan and Shay are such nice guys, there were fears the two of them would just defer to Reba,” the source says. “But it’s turning into the opposite — they’re at each other’s throats! And Dan and Shay say Reba may be the country queen, but they got her outnumbered!”

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