Couple furious at neighbour’s ‘passive aggressive’ note that is almost offensive

A couple have been left fuming after the next-door neighbour put up a ‘passive aggressive’ note facing their house – now they want to put up a fence to block them out

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They didn’t take it as a joke

Some of us are fortunate enough to have lovely neighbours that pop round for coffee and accept our deliveries – but others are far less lucky and struggle to get on with the people next door. One couple are considering building a fence to try and block out their neighbours and their loud dogs.

It comes after the ‘nightmare neighbours’ put up a sign directly facing their porch that reads: “If our dog barks at you we probably won’t like you either”. The offended couple have taken to Reddit to rant about the “passive aggressive” note and ask for suggestions to deal with the infuriating situation.

The note read ‘if our dog barks at you we probably won’t like you either’


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In his post, the man said: “Have lived here the last three years and we pretty much can’t go outside or bring over guests without their four dogs (one being a loud and violent German shepherd) barking at us at full blast.

“As someone who enjoys being outdoors I’d say this dampened my enthusiasm to have them as neighbours pretty deeply.”

He explained that the woman living in the house next-door always has a “condescending comment, criticism or suggestion” to make, from the cleaning to gardening and general life.

The post continued: “Like it’s not enough to be annoyingly intrusive and ruin other people’s privacy, but you have to be an a**hole about it and waste time and money on a sign too?

“Their yard is a literal eyesore yet this is somehow at the top of their list. Any ideas on how I should look at this?”

Now the couple want to put up a fence to block them out


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Users on Reddit were quick to make suggestions, with many advising him to build a barrier in between them.

Someone said: “Build the fence ASAP. This is more important than whatever you’re working on right now. Give them the ‘pretty’ (flat) side.

“Not just because it’s polite, but because the fence rails provide a climbable structure, and if they have an aggressive or excitable GSD, it will use the rails to hop the fence into your yard.”

But the man explained: “We are struggling to find a land surveyor at the moment and the wife is distracted by other projects around the house but a nice picket fence to block off our yard from sight would be great. One day soon I hope.”

Some people advised him to submit noise complaints and try clickers to quieten the dogs – though others warned him not to punish the animals as it “isn’t their fault”.

“You should put up a big sign facing their property that just says ‘OK’,” another user joked.

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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