Dad slammed for getting rid of dog while daughter was at school after shoe incident

People have been left horrified after a dad revealed he gave away his teenage daughter’s dog without telling her, having decided he no longer wanted to put up with the animal’s bad behaviour

Dog holds shoe looking up at camera with puppy dog eyes
The dad was outraged after the dog destroyed his shoes (stock photo)

A man has been slammed after revealing he gave away his sixteen-year-old daughter’s beloved dog without telling the youngster. The parent, aged 35, says he never liked the dog on account of its poor behaviour. But the “final straw” came when the pet destroyed a pair of his shoes.

Outraged, the dad took the dog to a shelter, while his daughter was out for the day at school. When the teenager returned, she was distraught, bursting into floods of tears. But the man still not think he was in the wrong, prompting him to turn to Reddit, where he explained what had happened and asked for advice.

The dad was fed up of the dog’s poor behaviour (stock photo)


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However, he did not receive the reaction he might have expected. Instead of the support the parent likely hoped for, he was slammed for his decision, with some commenters going so far as to say his actions were unforgivable.

In his anonymous post to “Am I the A*****”, the dad claimed: “I’m feeling very conflicted about this, my wife says I’m in the wrong but I don’t think so. For context, I M(35) have never liked my F(16) daughter’s dog.

“She’s had this dog since she was 10, and its always been awful. She never trained it or taught it how to behave inside, but she gets angry when I keep it outside in the dog house. It constantly pees on my floor and has bitten me on several occasions. It never seems to be mean to anyone else though.

“Recently my final straw was when he tore up my brand new shoes. I tried to talk to my daughter about this but she just says that he didn’t mean it and it was just an accident. I was so angry I just picked him up when she was at school and dropped him off at the shelter. When she came home and found out she didn’t even let me explain, just went crying to my wife.

“My wife is threatening to kick me out if I don’t get him back. So AITA?”

In response, one commenter said: “You expected 10 yo to train dog? Your daughter will remember this situation forever, I think you damaged this relationship and she lost sense of security with you. Shame on you. “

A second said: “You and your wife should’ve been there leading by example in the training process of your family’s dog. Now you’re seeing the results of neglecting to do so. You’re bad and you should feel bad.”

And a third added: “I wouldn’t forgive this.”

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