Delhi Metro Prohibits Filming Insta Reels, Dance Videos: ”Travel, Don’t Cause Trouble”

Delhi Metro Prohibits Filming Insta Reels, Dance Videos: ''Travel, Don't Cause Trouble''

The message resonated with a lot of internet users

Lately, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has seen a rise in the number of people making Instagram reels inside metro coaches. Though such videos can bring in a lot of views and likes for content creators, they can also be a source of nuisance and inconvenience for fellow passengers. DMRC has time and again warned commuters not to film videos inside metro coaches but to no avail. On Monday, Delhi Metro reiterated the same message, prohibiting passengers from recording videos while travelling.

In a tweet, Delhi Metro wrote, “Travel, don’t cause trouble,” and shared a graphic that reads, ”Be a passenger in Delhi Metro, not a nuisance.”

See the post here:

“Filming reels, dance videos or any other such activities that may cause inconvenience to the passengers is strictly prohibited inside the Delhi Metro,” a text insert on the image reads.

The public service message resonated with a lot of internet users who called it a good decision. One user wrote, ”Please do advertisement inside metro coaches also via posters etc.” Another commented, ”Y took so long to take such action. People irritate while travelling. They don’t bother what anyone facing in life but always tries to groove for a few likes.”

A third wrote, ”Very good decision, and please ban Tobacco and cigrette shops around around metro stations as well,” while a fourth added, ”Please take appropriate action for passengers loudly mobile songs, not working announcements, display for train timing in stations etc.” A fifth said, ”This must be implemented at all facilities of public transport. Most annoying are the ones dancing while you’re in the aerobridge.”

This is not the first time that Delhi Metro has issued such a message. Back in February, DMRC used a reference from the Oscar-winning song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from ‘RRR’ and wrote, “Dance is fun but Delhi Metro mein Na-Naacho Naacho Naacho”. 

Prior to that, DMRC shared a similar rib-tickling meme featuring Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora and Terence Lewis reacting to the reels as judges. 

In her remarks, Geeta Kapur is shown as saying, “Bete yaha dance nahi karte (you are not supposed to dance here)”. Actor Malaika Arora is shown echoing the sentiment of many commuters: “Don’t you think this is the wrong place?” 

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