ExclusiveJoey Fatone Teases Possibility of ​‘NSync Reunion Tour and More New Music: ‘Never Say Never’

Joey Fatone reunited with former ‘NSync bandmates Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick at the 2023 VMAs before the release of their first song in 20 years, “Better Place.” Now, the musician exclusively tells Life & Style to “never say never” about a future reunion or more music from the boyband.

“We just haven’t had a conversation about any of it yet. And I think once that happens, we will probably let people know. I think people definitely want to know. And I think it’s about time that we let them know – even to say whether it’s a ‘yes’ or a ‘no,’” Joey, 46, tells Life & Style. “It’s actually been fun and nice to see what’s been going on with ‘Better Place.’ So, it’s been fun – it’s nice. Then if anything ever does happen, then I’ll be in shape to do it. How about that? That’d be a good idea.”

Joey has experienced a few life changes in addition to the release of “Better Place” for the animated film Trolls Band Together, like undergoing cosmetic procedures. The My Big Fat Greek Wedding actor underwent a non-invasive AirSculpt body contouring procedure in October to shrink his chin, stomach and back.

“I mean, let’s be real here. Everybody wants to have little things nipped and tucked here or something, fixed there – just maybe not quite exactly happy,” Joey explains about his experience to Life & Style. “I’ve always been happy with myself. I just wanted certain things to maybe look a certain way though as well.”

Joey Fatone Teases ‘NSync Reunion, Says ‘Never Say Never'

Joey shared that the results of the AirSculpt procedure healed in 48 hours, and it gave him a “kick in the butt” to “be health conscious as well.”

“Slowly, once I start to lose that weight, [my blood pressure] will slowly start to come down. So, it’s been a fun little journey to slowly do this process. Again, it doesn’t happen overnight,” he explains. “Heck, I may gain weight, I don’t know. But I’m enjoying it right now and just been having fun. But again, just being just healthy. I mean, I’m 46 years old, so I’m not getting any younger.”

That being said, Joey shares that “eating” in “moderation” has helped him shed pounds after his AirSculpt procedure despite not “working out at all.”

“I mean, walking and stuff like that lately,” he says adding, “It’s a good little workout, believe it or not. So, I mean, again, I’m slowly putting things back into it. And again, I’m 46 years old. Knees aren’t the same way they used to be anyway, either.”

Reporting by Jessica Stopper

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