Fun Facts About the Amish: Part Two

Have you read, Fun Facts about the Amish: Part One? Because this is part two.

Be Good

Amish people follow life rules dictated by their Ordnung and they believe being good is a lifestyle. Christians start their good life after baptism where the Amish start their lifestyle of doing good the minute they are born. The communities of Amish people strive to do good every minute of the day. They too believe that baptism is essential but that’s not what dictates how they will live their lives. As long as they’re living, the Amish strive to be good and they believe that good deeds should be done as much as they can.

No Gender Reveals

The world has become obsessed with not only finding out the gender of their baby, pre-baby, but also sharing it in a balls to the wall, all out, blue or pink explosion type of wow. Of course, Amish people value their children and they also believe that they children are God’s gifts. The Amish community highly treasures children and they are looked after at after by the community. The Amish believe that kids are the only treasures they can take to heaven. But the Amish don’t talk about pregnancy. They dislike talking about the baby making process due to their inherent discreteness and modesty. It’s contrary to the Amish beliefs to celebrate pregnancy milestones and with this, gender reveals would be an abomination.

Drug Dealers?

The Amish are known as a moral and peace-loving society, and are also largely excluded them from mainstream media. Because of this, there is very little bad news that’s ever emerged about them. With this and their Ordnung to follow, most generally assume that the Amish are law-abiding people, but this is not always true. In the 1900s, there were some Amish individuals caught purchasing and dealing illicit substances totaling $100,000.00.


Rumspringa is an Amish tradition that allows teens of the community to set out and explore the world as they see fit. It may surprise you to know that the Amish population isn’t strict about forcing their kids to follow in their way of life. Their teens are permitted to decide if they want to live the Amish way of life or make it on their own in the world. It goes without saying that Amish parents hope their teens will come back and embrace their old traditions and rejoin the community. Some Amish teens do party and dabble with drugs but many also prefer to return to the Amish community as soon as possible.

Amish Courtship

Courtship rituals of the Amish could teach us all a thing or two. Very few men in the Amish community are single men. Why? To keep lineages strong, everyone adheres to courtship rules and as an Amish male, you are expected to lead the courtship process. It’s not quick and it starts during late teens and up to their early 20s. To show their intent, males must pick up the girl and her family in his horse and cart and take them to church. Then, the lovebirds will have to write to each other for an entire year before the man is allowed to ask for the woman’s hand in marriage.

No School Past 8th Grade

For the Amish, it’s about practicality more than diplomas. They community is at the end of the day concerned with living sustainably. Their population is more concerned with nurturing their crops and caring for their homes. Because of this, the Amish don’t value education and believe studying is not beneficial for their lifestyle. Kids go to school but only until the 8th grade. Then, the boys are taught to work with their hands outside the house, while girls learn to work with their hands to take care of their homes.

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