Golden Bachelor’s Theresa Nist’s 2nd Wedding Dress Revealed in New Reception Photo With Gerry Turner

After the television cameras stopped rolling, Theresa Nist changed into a second wedding dress while partying at her reception with husband, Gerry Turner. Desiree Siegfriend, who attended The Golden Bachelor wedding, gave fans a glimpse at the second frock in an Instagram post on Friday, January 5.

The reception dress featured an off-the-shoulder neckline and sheer pleated skirt. Theresa, 70, and Gerry, 72, were dancing with the band in front of their wedding guests in Desiree’s photo. Molly Mesnick also offered a glimpse at the second look in her wedding Instagram post, which featured Theresa wearing a white feather jacket on top of the ensemble.

“OK, so last night was one of the best weddings we’ve ever been to!” Des, 37, captioned her series of pictures. “So. Much. Fun. The love was so tangible, the conversations memorable, and the dance floor on fire!”

golden bachelors theresa nists second wedding dress

Theresa’s second dress of the evening was quite different from the white Badgley Mischka gown that she wore at the ceremony. The plunging gown had off-the-shoulder straps and was mermaid style, complete with a pearl-encrusted veil.

The finance professional went wedding dress shopping with her daughter, Jen Woolston, her daughter-in-law, Amanda, Gerry’s daughters, Angie and Jenny, and some Golden Bachelor pals. The dress she wound up choosing to walk down the aisle in was admittedly not what she envisioned herself wearing on the big day.

“I was presented with these incredibly gorgeous gowns from Badgley Mischka, and I was overwhelmed,” Theresa revealed before the nuptials. “I asked each of these beautiful women to pick their favorite. And then I picked three of mine and I walked down the stairs with them. And when it was the dress, they unanimously thought this was the good gown.”

theresa nists second wedding dress golden bachelor photo

Unfortunately, Theresa suffered a wardrobe malfunction in the dress when one of her straps popped off in the middle of the wedding ceremony. It doesn’t appear that the snafu took a toll on the night, though!

This was Theresa’s second wedding, as she previously married her high school sweetheart, William “Bill” Nist, when she was just 18 years old. They were married for 42 years when Bill died in 2014. Gerry is also widowed, as he lost his first wife, Toni Turner, in 2017, after 43 years of marriage.

Now that the wedding is over, Theresa and Gerry are set to jet off on their honeymoon to Italy. The trip abroad was gifted to them by ABC after The Golden Bachelor finale aired in November 2023.

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