Google Techie Finds Out College Juniors He Taught Are Working At Amazon. His Heartfelt Is Now Viral

Google Techie Finds Out College Juniors He Taught Are Working At Amazon. His Heartfelt Is Now Viral

Raj Vikramaditya currently works with Google in Poland.

A Google engineer, who taught coding to his juniors while he was studying at Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College in West Bengal, on Monday proudly shared that the first benchers in his classes are now all employed as software engineers at Amazon.

Raj Vikramaditya, known as ‘Striver’ on microblogging site X, reminisced about a particular class from 2017. In his post, he revealed that even amidst a power outage, the determined students in his class used their flashlights to continue learning. This moment, he said, will forever remain etched in his heart. 

“I never thought that the first benchers would be in Amazon,” the Google engineer wrote on X. 

Take a look at the post below: 

 Mr Vikramaditya shared a picture of the classroom and a screenshot showcasing current professional statues of his former students, all visible next to their names. 

“Picture from a class I took when I was in second year. The power went off in the middle of a coding class, everyone got their flashlights on. Some moments stay in your heart forever, this was one of them,” he wrote in the caption of the post. 

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Mr Vikramaditya shared his proud moment just two days back and since then his story has inspired many online. His post has accumulated more than 32,000 views and over 600 likes. In the comment section, while some users called the post “inspirational,” others called it “remarkable”. 

“Damn this is inspirational,” wrote one user. “Thanks for all you do striver,” commented another. 

Mr Vikaramaditya also replied to one user seeking advice. “Bhaiya tomorrow is my first day as a third year b-tech student, any tips and advice?” the user asked. To this, the Google engineer simply replied, “Patience”. 

According to his social media bio, Mr Vikramaditya is a former employee of Amazon himself. He currently works with Google in Poland. 

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