‘I bought my husband £100 gift for birthday – but he ruined mine with five-word comment’

One woman was seriously hurt when her husband made a cruel comment about her birthday celebrations, insinuating that he only wanted to splash the cash when it benefited him

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The woman said she just wanted one nice special birthday where people made an effort (Stock Image)

Some people take birthday celebrations really seriously – they want to go the extra mile for their loved ones and make sure they feel super happy on their special day. If that energy isn’t reciprocated when it comes round to your birthday though, it can be really disheartening.

That’s what happened to one Mumsnetter, who slammed her husband on the forum for being ‘tight’ when it came to her birthday – especially as she felt as though she went the extra mile for him. When she suggested going out for a meal, his response was less than romantic, and as a result, she was less than impressed.

The woman wasn’t happy with the response her husband gave (Stock IImage)


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She wrote: “It’s my birthday next week, I will be 55. On my husband’s birthday I got him some Apple EarPods, from Wowcher, admittedly, but all the same a well over £100 gift and a cheapie lunch out.

“After 21 years of no effort at a surprise, I’ve resigned myself to booking or choosing anything myself and he just doesn’t. So I booked a restaurant on a night when there’s a deal – a three-course set menu. His first words were ‘we’re not having alcohol, right?’

“I’ve cancelled the booking, what’s the fun going out with someone who clearly resents getting their hand in their pocket? It’s not that I would have demanded three cocktails and a bottle of fizz, it’s just him saying that as the opener that has p***** me off.

“My teenage daughter is working over my birthday, so yet another year where ‘hope you’re spoilt’ is a f****** sick joke. No family nearby, both sets of parents not a farthing to rub together.

“I feel invisible and unloved. yes, I’m an adult, but I just long for one year where a birthday IS a special day, for me, just once.”

People really sympathised with the woman and suggested some nice things she could do to enjoy her birthday solo.

One wrote: “That is terrible, I would be upset and disappointed too – you are not unreasonable. Can you do something nice for yourself? Nice treat, coffee, cake, and cinema on your own? Or even a spa day?”

“S***, I’d need a drink if I lived with him”, someone jibed.

Others agreed that he went about it in the wrong way, writing: “I would be hurt and annoyed if it was a standard meal out, never mind for your significant birthday. God, nothing worse than a miser. Soul destroying.”

Someone else wrote: “I would insist on the price of the meal and a gift and spend it on myself. I really wouldn’t want to spend the evening with him. Stop marking his birthday when he is so mean. Match his effort.”

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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