Man Whose Children Crashed His BBC Interview Shares New Family Pics

Man Whose Children Crashed His BBC Interview Shares New Family Pics

The photos feature his wife Kim Jung-A, daughter Marion, now 10, and son James, 6

On March 10, 2017, Korea-based professor Robert Kelly and his family gave the internet its favourite TV moment ever. Robert Kelly, an associate professor of political science at Pusan National University in South Korea, was giving a live interview from his home office to BBC News when he was interrupted by his two adorable children. Hilarity ensued, and their mother frantically dashed in to retrieve them. Following the incident, the family rose to internet fame, with many declaring it the best video of the year. 

The viral pop-culture moment saw its sixth anniversary on March 10 this year. Now, professor Robert Kelly has shared a bunch of photos with his family to mark the 6th anniversary of the hilarious video. In the photos, his children Marion and James, are all grown up.

”Some BBC Dad content since the 6th anniversary of the original video was last Friday. Marion had a singing performance this past weekend, so we got some nice family pictures. Thanks again to all of you who follow me because of the video. My family and I are flattered by your kindness,” Mr Kelly wrote in the caption. The photos feature his wife Kim Jung-A, daughter Marion, now 10, and son James, 6.

See the pictures here:

Notably, Marion was actually the one who first walked into the room where her dad was shooting his interview with BBC News. She was then joined by her nine-month-old brother James, who was in a baby walker.

Prior to this, Mr. Kelly had also shared a tweet marking the sixth anniversary of the video.

Have a look at the hilarious video:

Meanwhile, the photos have gone viral, capturing the internet’s attention again. One user wrote, ”I watched the video again the other day and laughed til I cried! Thanks for having such good humor and showing the world how to embrace vulnerability on the world stage. Such grace! Enjoy these moments with little humans, they grow up so quickly!”

Another commented, ”I must have watched that video a thousand times and did again two or three times when it came up as an anniversary post. Amazing how six years have flown by and your kids are so grown!”

A third wrote, ”I do think it’s the best thing the internet has ever produced.” A fourth added, ”Your kids are my favourite anarchists. I think the covid years have brought enormous sympathy in how kids show up in our working lives. May your kids keep bringing good humour.”

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