Mum ‘on a mission against mould’ praises homemade spray that banishes spores for good

A cleaning guru is sharing her homemade ‘mould prevention solution’ to stop spores from gathering on blinds and windows, as part of her mission to tackle mould once and for all

Black mould on wall closeup. House cleaning concept
Mould thrives during the colder months (stock photo)

Winter is prime time for unpleasant mould spores to build up around the house, and it can be a huge task trying to get rid of them. But there are lots of nifty tips and tricks that homeowners can test out without having to spend a fortune. One cleaning guru is sharing her two simple steps to prevent mould from wreaking havoc – and the genius solution she makes at home.

Anita Birges, known as the Organising Guru on TikTok, regularly shares lifestyle and cleaning videos on her page @misenplace_au. After returning home from a weekend away to find spores dotted around her property, the mum declared she was “on a mission against mould” and tackled her roller blinds first.

Alcohol is a proven method for removing mould from smaller surfaces (stock photo)


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Anita said: “We’ve just come back from our weekend away and I knew that having the house closed up, the windows closed, the doors closed, no airflow happening, was going to be the perfect breeding ground for mould.

“The usual suspects were here, there was a bit around the front door, a bit on the window sill, but I also found it on my roller blinds.”

Anita’s golden trick to banishing the mould from the blinds and window sill is first a solution of half isopropyl and half warm water.

Isopropyl alcohol is a chemical compound which is often used in cosmetics, for sterilising tools and cleaning fabrics.

It should be used with caution as it poses as a flammable risk.

Anita recommends spraying the substance onto the mould and leaving it to sit for 10 minutes, before wiping it clean with a microfibre cloth.

Big Bathroom Shop’s bathroom specialist Rikki Fothergill told the Mirror : “Using alcohol is a proven method for removing mould and mould stains from smaller surfaces as it dissolves lipids and breaks down the substance.

“However, for more stubborn mould on larger areas like walls and showers. Consider using vinegar or even bleach for a more effective clean.”

Anita’s second step involves using her “mould prevention solution” which is made up of 10 drops of clove oil, 10 drops of tea tree oil and 100mls of vinegar.

“Spraying this along the blind is going to stop the mould from coming back,” Anita explained.

The TikTok video amassed more than 2,000 likes with users sharing their comments about mould.

One person wrote: “I used to work for a chemical company, best mould removal is cleaning vinegar. It’s what actually kills the spores, most other products just bleach the spores and they return over time.”

Distilled white vinegar is often recommended for cleaning some types of household mould, though its acidic properties can damage some surfaces.

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