‘My girlfriend hated business class – but fumed when I downgraded her to economy’

When a woman was left unimpressed with her business class experience her boyfriend decided to downgrade her – but she was not happy with the standards

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She was far from impressed by business class (stock photo)

For many of us, flying in business class for a long-haul flight is a distant dream and something that is not likely to happen unless we win the lottery.

But one man has faced a huge backlash from his girlfriend after he downgraded her business class ticket to economy, despite her claims that business was rubbish and the wine list was not extensive enough.

His girlfriend had never flown before but was unimpressed by the service on a flight from Malaysia to USA for Christmas, so told her boyfriend to downgrade her for the return leg.

But she thought he would take it with a pinch of salt and was fuming when he actually did.

She was fuming when he actually downgraded her (stock photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the man, who remained anonymous, explained: “This year, we traveled to the US to visit my family for Christmas.

“I paid for our flights with credit card points which required me to book two one way trips for each of us. I booked us in Business class both ways. My girlfriend had never flown at all before and was excited for her first flights to be in Business class.”

He went onto explain that his girlfriend then complained every step of the way as she was unhappy with the lounges being busy.

She was unimpressed with the food on board and said the wine list was not extensive enough.

The woman claimed that the boyfriend should save his points and downgrade her to economy, as it surely isn’t that much worse.

He wrote: “I tried to show her how cramped economy is and how little privacy she’d have, but she said business didn’t have any privacy either.

“So, I went ahead and downgraded her flight back to Malaysia to save the 85k points difference since she really didn’t like business class anyway.

“While she was on route home she texted me from the plane saying I can’t believe you’d let me fly all the way back to Malaysia like this. This is awful.”

In response, many have sided with the man and said the girlfriend was acting very ungratefully for somebody who had a business class ticket paid for them.

One person wrote: ” Business Class is a treat, and your girlfriend was incredibly rude every step of the way (I hope she was better behaved during the rest of the trip).”

While another stated: “She sounds ungrateful as hell.”

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