‘My neighbours spat at me for parking outside their house – I did nothing wrong’

A woman admits she feels ‘humiliated’ after she was spat at by neighbours for parking one of her three cars outside of their house even though it doesn’t block their drive

Man waves a fist and swears at another motorist while driving a car
The neighbours have a ‘massive problem’ with people parking outside their house (stock photo)

A woman has claimed she was spat at by her neighbours after a row about parking spaces went too far. Despite never blocking their driveway, the neighbours have had enough of the woman parking one of her three cars outside of their home.

Taking to popular forum Mumsnet, the woman admitted she felt “humiliated and small” after being allegedly spat at while she out walking her dog.

She explained: “The back story is that we have three cars and one space on the drive. Next door has a drive for three cars.

“They are elderly so don’t drive. The only cars are when their grown-up children visit.”

The woman has to park one of three cars outside of their house (stock photo)


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The woman continued: “We have to park one of our cars outside their house, not blocking the drive at all, all legal and above board.

“They have a massive problem about us parking outside their house.

“So yesterday, one of the sons parked behind my car that was outside their house (even though the drive was free) fair enough that’s not a problem.

“I was walking my dog as he parked up. He got out of his car and my dog stopped to see who it was. I didn’t make any contact with the son at.”

She claims that a neighbour spat at her (stock photo)


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She went on: I said, ‘come on let’s go home’ to my dog and he came behind us and spat at us.

“I didn’t react at all, I carried on as normal making out I didn’t know what he’d just done.

“Now I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s made me feel so humiliated and small. I was too scared to confront him,” she added.

Since posting, the woman’s post has raked in over 20 comments from Mumsnet users sharing advice with the concerned woman.

One person wrote: “That’s horrible but difficult to prove. I would get a ring doorbell and also tbh I wouldn’t park there again unless you’re prepared to put up with their behaviour about it.”

“I mean spitting is awful, and nobody should have to put up with this behaviour I would report it,” a second added.

A third penned: “She can’t say for sure he spat AT her though, or not just near her. Calling the police when things are already strained with the neighbours is a risk I don’t know I’d want to take without concrete evidence.”

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