‘My sister is fuming after I asked how much her husband paid to marry her’

The woman jibed at her sister after she married a man with six kids from previous relationships – despite claiming she wasn’t a fan of kids herself. The joke soon turned sour as the sister was really offended

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Her sister asked her and her kids to leave after the incident (stock photo)

A woman is facing a huge backlash from her sister after jokingly asking her how much her husband paid to marry her as she now looks after his kids, despite not being a kid fan in the past. The woman took to Reddit to explain that her sister has never been a kid person but has recently married a man with six kids from previous relationships.

She said: “Two years ago she started dating this guy. He is extremely rich (don’t know how much he makes in a year but he recently got a bonus that’s around 80x more than what I make in a year) but he has 6 kids.

The sister has never wanted kids or thought she was a kid person (stock photo)


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“One was an infant when they started dating. Nobody thought the relationship was going to last because of the kid thing.”

The sister has said in the past she does not feel like she is a kid person but is now often taking care of the children.

Last month, she moved in with the new husband and has since been taking care of them, with the help of the nannies who live there too.

The author explained: “Within the past year she’s gone from not liking or wanting to be around kids to posting about them all the time on social media, trying to set up play dates between my sons and her “sons”, talked about adopting the kids, and mentioned that she and Michael are trying for a baby.”

In recent days, the two sisters have met up with all the kids which is when things took a turn.

She said: “My boys and I were at her house for a play date last weekend and we were talking about life, the kids, everything when she said she’s glad she waited to get married and that she loves her family.

“I half jokingly asked how much her husband paid her to marry him and act like a mom to his kids because she’s said she doesn’t like or want kids since she was a teenager. We got into an argument, she kicked me and the boys out.”

Since the event, the rest of the family have been against the author and many have commented in support of the sister.

One wrote: “The more appropriate thing would’ve been: what changed your stance on parenthood? You’ve always been adamant.”

While another said: “That was a dumb joke that backfired. You should have apologized instead of arguing. It was an insensitive thing to say, and of course it offended your sister. How could you say anything other than, ‘that wasn’t as funny as I thought’ or ‘sorry, terrible joke’ ?”

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