On World Sleep Day, Nagaland Minister’s Funny Tweet Leaves Internet In Splits

On World Sleep Day, Nagaland Minister's Funny Tweet Leaves Internet In Splits

Temjen Imna Along’s post has been liked by thousands of users.

Temjen Imna Along, the famous politician from Nagaland who is well-known for his wonderful sense of humour and amusing social media remarks, is again going viral for a picture he posted on the occasion of World Sleep Day.

In the picture, Mr. Along is seated in a room where several individuals are dozing off on the chairs. The image is apparently intended to draw attention to the lengthy seminars and discussions during which attendees were unable to pay constant attention to the topic and fell asleep on their seats.

Along with the picture, he wished his followers “Happy World Sleep Day!” and wrote, “Let us take a moment to appreciate people with small eyes, who remind us that being awake 24/7 isn’t always a choice!”.

The interesting image and caption brought a lot of likes and comments to the tweet.

“So much Happy World Sleep Day to you, Too, Neta Ji!,” commented a user.

Appreciating the humility and sense of humour of the minister, another user wrote, “Sir, you are SPORT. Really, it takes all the humility in the world to laugh at ourselves. Bless us with more leaders like you.”

A third user posted, “Plus the benefit of these eyes is that you can take a short nap while pretending to be a listener.” taking a cue from the minister’s post.

Mr Along regularly updates his admirers and followers on his personal life, his own advice, and the grandeur of his state.

A few days ago, he shared back-to-back tweets in a day, sharing images from his home state. Those two images also attracted a lot of attention and smiles on the internet due to their beautiful views and interesting captions.

The first image was of himself posing for the camera. In his caption, the minister wrote, “To many lens to focus, Magar Mera Timing toh Dekho!” (Too many lenses to focus, but look at my timing.)

The other was a stunning image of the captivating view of Kohima, the state’s capital.

The capital city appears to be incredibly attractive due to the thousands of lights that are blazing in the pitch-black night in the picture.

Mr Along shared the image with a caption that reads, “The beauty of Kohima.”

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