Passenger slammed for jumping queue at airport – but he thinks he’s in the right

A man has been slammed after jumping a queue at a busy airport, much to the annoyance of fellow passengers. However, the man did not think he was in the wrong as he had queued elsewhere

Group of people stand in queue holding suitcases at airport
The passenger cut the queue – but he thought his decision was justified (stock photo)

There’s no better feeling than finally making your way to the front of a long queue. But on the flip side of the coin, there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve made it, only to realise you were waiting in the wrong line. One man who recently faced this dilemma at an airport has been slammed for his response after he discovered he was in the wrong passport queue.

The passenger, who unknowingly waited in the wrong place, thought he was entitled to move to the front of the line he should have been in. So he did so, jumping the queue without first asking permission from anyone, much to his fellow passengers’ disgust.

People blasted the man for jumping the queue (stock photo)


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As you might expect, the move did not go unchallenged, and he was slammed by the couple waiting in line behind him, who in turn shared the story on Reddit, where many more were shocked by the man’s behaviour.

Relaying her side of the story on “Am I the A****e”, a woman wrote: “My husband and I recently flew back from Amsterdam. At Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) the line to get to security/passport check was literally outside the airport with multiple snake like lines to get there.

“We were in line for an hr and a half before we got to passports. We had a chip in ours so luckily, we did the self service area. We had 2 people in front of us before it was our turn and a man from the non chip line came up to me and put himself in front of us and said he was in the wrong line I need to be here.

“I said… OK well the line is back there (maybe 10 people deep on our line) and he said no he was just in the wrong line can he please go ahead of us. I immediately said no because our flight was boarding 20 mins ago and we had 10 mins to get to the gate which was of course, the farthest possible. He kept saying ‘were in this together’? And that I should let him through.

“My husband cut in and said no and that’s that. He then asked the guy in back of us and he said yes. This is the first time I’ve ever been like NO to someone. I usually don’t mind helping if someone is in a rush or forgot something while in line but this time, after almost 2 hrs of trying not to miss my flight, I feel like putting my foot down was justified but I can’t help but wonder, AITAH?”

It turns out people were quick to take her side, despite what the man thought was his fair reason for jumping the queue. One person commented: “You’re under no obligation to let anyone cut…it’s not your fault they can’t figure out what line to be in.”

A second agreed: “You aren’t in it together. His failure to verify where he needed to be was entirely his own problem. Bet he wasn’t gonna but you a new flight it you missed yours.”

And another added: “I don’t even particularly like it when people ask if they can cut in line but he just pushed in front of you. If you’re all in this together then he can go to the back of the queue where he belongs.”

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