Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are House Hunting in Los Angeles, Think Moving Will ‘Fix Everything’

The bright lights of Hollywood are calling! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking to trade in the quiet life of Montecito, California, for the faster pace of Los Angeles and have been checking out numerous properties in the region.

“Every time things get bad for Harry and Meghan, they want to move — it’s their MO,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “They think a new place will be exactly what they need and will fix everything. Usually it’s just the same drama in a different location. But their friends and family agree that moving to L.A. could actually be really good for them.”

For one thing, it might open things up socially for Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, as well as for their kids — Archie, 4, and Lilibet, 2. With its pristine coastline and lush vegetation, there’s no denying Montecito is gorgeous, but it’s also much older and stodgier than LA — the median age in Montecito is over 50, versus 35 in the City of Angels.

“Everyone is retired where they live now,” says the insider. “It’s not very fun or cool for them or their kids. Harry and Meghan thought they wanted peace and quiet, but this is too quiet, and it comes with the cost of loneliness.”

Now or Never

Given their current estrangement from the rest of the royals, they would love to establish close ties with other young families.

“They need a crew they can rely on to celebrate holidays and share dinners. Otherwise they’re going to lose their minds just staring at each other every day,” says the insider.

The move could also give the Sussexes a chance to downsize from their current colossal estate set on 7.4 acres. “They would be able to cut back their expenses dramatically,” says the insider. “The landscaping costs alone at their house are enormous!”

Of course, the even bigger financial boon could come from Meghan re-establishing herself as an A-list actor. “She’s serious about acting again and getting a paycheck again,” says the insider. “It’s what she knows, and she knows that to do it right she has to be where the action is.”

In the early days of her marriage to Harry, Meghan figured she’d be too busy with royal duties to maintain her career, but now, especially with some of their other projects — like Spotify — falling through, she’s ready to get back to it.

“She doesn’t care if people judge her for acting again. That ship has sailed,” says the insider. “Some people might say it’s inappropriate for a princess to be an actress, but Meghan doesn’t care anymore what anyone says.”

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