Save 50% on Award-Winning Writing Tool Scrivener

The ability to see the “big picture” is great if you’re a military general or macroeconomics major. Less so when you’re trying to write a novel or other long-form manuscript. Thinking that way too often can keep you from putting one sentence in front of the other. 

Scrivener 3 is more than just a word-processing app. It’s an organizational tool designed with creative thinkers in mind, allowing writers to get their ideas on the page and connect the dots more quickly when it’s time to edit.

Whatever you’re writing and whatever your writing style, this highly-rated app can help streamline the process. When you start on a chapter or first draft, you just put down your ideas directly in the app. Once you’re done, you can zoom out and place it into an outline with a synopsis or other notes that make it easy to find later. If you’ve decided later that it fits into a different spot on the timeline, move it around with a simple drag and drop.

Doing a research paper or exhaustive work of journalism? Scrivener 3 can be a home for all your sources as well as the drafts and finished piece; audio files, photographs, and more can be stored in the app and tagged to particular parts of your story.

Writing a sprawling work of fiction? The same tools can be used to keep your inspiration close at hand. If you’re the type who needs to have a detailed outline in place, you can set one up and then fill it in. If you want to scribble first and sort later, you can do that, too—and when the work is done, you can easily export your magnum opus in multiple formats for publishing on your choice of platforms.

Right now, PCMag readers can get Scrivener 3 for Mac or Windows on sale for $29.99—50% off the $59.99 MSRP.

Prices subject to change.

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