Viral Video: Artist Makes Realistic 3D Art, Leaves Internet Amazed

Viral Video: Artist Makes Realistic 3D Art, Leaves Internet Amazed

“Art is power” reads the caption of the video.

Many people love experimenting with art. Some use it to express themselves while others love to upskill themselves with new techniques. Many videos of people creating realistic paintings have become widely popular in the past. Similarly, an artist on Instagram, Rahil Jindran, who has amassed a following of over two lakh people on the platform, is going viral on social media for a video showcasing his hyperrealistic 3-D artwork. 

In a video, Mr Jindran is seen sketching a Rs 50 note, a deck of cards and a steel glass. Further, he shows how he makes realistic 3D sketches using various pencil colours. If one looks at first glance, it would be hard to believe that it is an art and not an actual object kept on the surface.

Since being shared a month ago, the video has amassed over 2.2 lakh likes and 7.4 lakh views on the social media platform. “Art is power” reads the caption of the video.

“Real artist,” said a user.

“Why do you want banned a printer,” commented another user.

A third person said, “Great”.

“Super bro,” added a person.

“U deserve a real golden hand. Keep it up bro,” remarked a user.

 “Mindblowing … your sketches is too good,” added a social media user.

Many people also left heart and fire emojis in the comments section.

A similar video showcasing an interactive 3D piece created with coloured chalks went viral in May of this year. In the video, two women were sketching a straightforward, three-dimensional shape around a pole to give the appearance of a platform-like structure. The women then try to balance themselves on this sketched platform. Many users were left awestruck by the artwork. 

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